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Contribute to Alsco Greenroom

Greenroom aims to help workplaces create a greener, safer and healthier environment for employees.

They key topic areas are greener, safer and healthier as these values connect with products and services that Alsco provide to over 45,000 businesses around Australia, on a weekly basis.

For example,

  • Alsco offers the Ecosafe Washer for mechanics who don’t wish to use harsh chemicals when cleaning automotive parts. It is ‘greener‘ (better for the environment) to use the Ecosafe Washer than to use chemical solvents.
  • Alsco offers a first aid kit refill service for businesses. By having a well-stocked first aid kit on location a business’ employees are ‘safer‘. If they have an accident then the first aid kit can be used to assist them before they go to a hospital.
  • Alsco creates a healthier environment for their customers by offering hygiene services in office washrooms. The majority of influenzas are spread in the workplace by touching common surfaces. By providing sanitising soaps Alsco helps personnel in a workplace stay healthier.

Overall, Alsco is working hard, every single day to deliver a greener, safer and healthier workplace for Australian businesses. We use Greenroom to convey our messages and to delight our readers with new information.

If you, or your company, have the same aspirations and would like share your ideas, products and services with our readers, we welcome your contributions!

What should you write about?

Below are a few ideas that our readers are interested in learning more about. If your business has a product or service that relates to these key concepts then please go ahead and contact us.

  • Clean and green living
  • Conservation of money, supplies and utilities
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Workplace sanitation and hygiene
  • Life saving practices at work
  • Importance of using the right facilities and equipment
  • Proper waste disposal
  • Water and waste recycling
  • Employee welfare and benefits
  • Sustainability in the workplace
  • and more …

Who are you writing for?

With over 45,000 customers around Australia we have an audience with very diverse needs. A small selection of industries that we serve is listed below. Make sure that whatever you write about genuinely takes care of the needs of these people.

  • Restaurant, cafe and event space
  • Chefs, front-0f-house and hospitality
  • Miners and engineers
  • Health care providers
  • Automotive, Industrial Mechanics
  • Retail stores and Service businesses
  • Accommodation industry

What are we currently accepting?

Do you like reading low-quality, unoriginal, self-serving, boring and uninteresting information? No! Neither do we and nor do our readers. We have a large audience and they like to be served with genuinely high quality information that helps them make their workplace greener, healthier and safer.

Before submitting your story ideas or finished articles for review use the following checklist.

  1. Articles should be original, well written, and high quality. This means you’ve written it yourself and you own the copyright to the information.
  2. Articles should not be a duplicate from your own website or any other website. No one likes reading repeats!
  3. A good quality article that is useful and interesting to read will need a minimum of around 800 to 1,500 words, sometimes even longer. You want to make sure you provide a lot of value and this can’t often be done in a few sentences. It needs more.
  4. Attach an image. A picture tells a thousand words, and plus it just makes the page look prettier. The image should be resized to 476 x 318 pixels and you should own the copyright and be able to prove it.
  5. Submissions should be within an email only and NOT as an MS Word attachment. MS Word attachments are discarded as are ZIP files.
  6. Have an interesting and catchy title and provide a brief and concise bio about you or the company you represent. It is totally fine for you to promote yourself and your products and services, but just make sure it is within context of the article. Our readers want to know who you are and what you have to offer them.

We reserve the right to make some editorial changes in your article to fit our style, if necessary.

How to submit

You can either contact us with your idea or send a finished article.

Email us on