The revamped fully responsive website offers its busy users a richer experience with faster customer interactions.

Alsco, a textile rental services company, announced the launch of its newly revamped modern, functional, efficient website

The new website is a part of the Alsco plan to roll out conveniences for small businesses. As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics the average work day for working people is stretching. Average actual weekly hours worked per full time employed person rose since the early 1980s reaching a peak of 41.5 hours in 2000. Longer work hours mean that businesses want more efficient ways of doing business and managing their support services, especially after business hours.

Keeping user expectations firmly in mind, Alsco has created a new website that has a fully responsive, mobile-ready design. The site that has been built will will work across multiple devices from laptops to mobile phones and is completely compatible with today’s browsers.

Considerable effort has gone into developing the new website, with the sole purpose of making customer interactions faster and more efficient. Customers can benefit from richer online content, a modern design and faster navigation.

Customers can easily browse through the array of friendly services provided by Alsco or choose their industry from the menu of industries to view the solutions which Alsco can offer. The website displays Alsco’s range of services under colour-coded, easy-to-identify, modern icons. The easy-to-navigate functionality meant that customers are left with more time for their businesses or for their families.

The Alsco website is designed to assist business in making their workplaces healthier, greener and safer. A small business knowledge base, GreenRoom, has been introduced specifically with this idea. “Even though we are a 125 year old company we are absolutely focused on using technology to streamline our interactions with our customers. We want our clients to get back to their families. This improved website is a step in that direction.” said Jane Lawrence, Marketing Manager of Alsco.

About Alsco:

Alsco Inc was the first company to introduce linen and uniform rental services to the world in 1889. With over 125 years of business experience, Alsco today has more than 150 branches and 16,000 employees worldwide.

Alsco has been present in Australia for over 50 years. Today it is one of the leading providers of linen, workwear, commercial floor mats, industrial cleaners, first aid kits and washroom hygiene services across Australia and New Zealand employing more than 2,200 people.

Photo Courtsey : thetaxhaven