50 Years. 27 Branches. 48,000 Satisfied Clients. Over the years, Alsco has changed dramatically. But in that time, one thing hasn’t. That is our dedication to providing you with a service that is reliable, cost-effective and carefully tailored to your business. Today Alsco is one of the leading providers of linen, workwear, commercial floor mats, industrial cleaners, First Aid kits and training as well as Washroom Hygiene services and Scenting across Australia. Alsco now employ over 2,200 people Australia wide and can tailor solutions particular to your needs.

If you’re interested in saving your time and money, think of Alsco, we can take the hassle out of many mundane tasks in your business to help you focus on what you do best.

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With only US$50 in his pocket, 15-year-old George A. Steiner made the first steps in establishing Alsco by purchasing the local towel delivery route in Lincoln, Nebraska from the Lincoln Steam Laundry. Through a little sweat and elbow grease, George and his younger brother Frank helped Alsco flourish on the ever-changing American frontier.

During the 1960s, Alsco began to expand to new horizons which included Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, and Italy. The business thrived in those regions thanks to its reliable, high quality laundry and delivery service.

Fast forward 125 years, Alsco now has 150 branches worldwide and 16,000 employees. We’ve come a long way since the early days. But there are a few things that have stayed constant. That is, our unwavering commitment to providing your business with flexible, convenient, cost-effective rental services. That’s the Alsco guarantee.

Why Should You Rent With Alsco?

Alsco’s Managed Rental Service is the smart, money-saving option that thousands of savvy businesses are choosing across Australia. Our rental service is more than just renting. It’s a comprehensive solution to your business requirements, from convenient, cash flow friendly payments through to a regular service completely flexible and tailored to your needs.

Most importantly, you will know exactly what you are getting when you partner with us. Alsco is an industry leader whose success has been built upon earning the trust and loyalty of our customers through fair business practices. We currently serve 355,000 customers by way of more than 180 locations worldwide, demonstrating that we are an industry leader, continuing to shape and guide the direction of the commercial linen industry.

As a business, you can decide between renting and buying. From linen services to staff uniforms through to compulsory first aid kits and floor care services, it’s a continually costly, agonising debate.

Luckily for you, Alsco makes that decision easy. With economical weekly payment options, we remove the worry about cash flow, maintenance of products and ensure you have the items you need at the time you need them. Better still it’s a tax deductible service.

Learn more about the Benefits of Renting vs Buying here.

Alsco’s Managed Rental Service Is…

For a small economical weekly fee you can take advantage of Alsco’s managed rental service. Need to scale up your demand during holiday season? We have you covered. If you need emergency supplies or services,  almost immediately or want the basics like soap, towels, uniforms and mats to be clean and ready for staff and customers 100% of the time? We can cover that.

  • Cashflow friendly avoiding large, crippling purchase fees
  • Up to date with complex, WH&S legal guidelines
  • Convenient, hassle-free, and flexible to your schedule
  • Regularly managed by a friendly team of professionals

Looking After Australia: One Business, Community & Environment At A Time

Our Environment

At Alsco, green runs much deeper than our logo. It’s a reflection of how we do business . Choosing Alsco means choosing a brighter, greener future for our environment. Not only that, it also means creating cleaner, healthier Australian workplaces.

Check out Alsco’s Greenroom – our community hub for all things clean and green.


Your Community

Alsco is passionate about supporting communities – both nationally and internationally. Starting in Australia over 50 years ago, communities have been vital in Alsco’s success. That’s why we believe in giving a little back to the people.

Alsco is involved in many charity activities, including:

  • Donating surplus medical supplies through Medical Aid Abroad (MMA) to Africa Purpose Team, East Timor Leste Trust and St Vincent de Paul Society – in helping poor, isolated, or handicapped individuals
  • Supporting the Solomon Islands through donation of medical supplies
  • Donating supplies to New Zealand organisations, including St John Ambulance Cadets, Elevate Christian Disability Trust and New Rising Foundation


Your Business

With over 27 branches across Australia, Alsco is committed to providing local businesses with convenient, flexible services. Beyond this, we make sure to invest in the businesses that have supported Alsco in becoming Australia’s largest textile supplier over the years.

Alsco’s Greenroom is where we give a little back to the businesses of Australia. The Greenroom is a space where businesses can share their stories, learn from Alsco’s experts, and make their workplaces safer, cleaner and greener.

Choosing Alsco

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