At Alsco Uniforms, we specialise in high-visibility uniforms tailored for the engineering sector. Our Industrial Uniforms offers a blend of practicality and style, crafted from durable materials such as heavyweight cotton drill and polyester blends. Choose from a range of options including UV protection, flame-retardant properties, and stain resistance to meet the demands of the engineering industry.


In the dynamic world of engineering, maintaining clean workspaces amidst constant grime and dust can be challenging. Discover Alsco Uniforms managed mat services, designed to effectively trap dirt and moisture, minimising the tracking of debris throughout your workplace. Explore our safety message mats, promoting a culture of safety awareness in your engineering environment. Keep your workspace clean and safe with Alsco Uniforms innovative solutions.


In engineering workplaces, dealing with oil and grease on parts is a common challenge. Discover Alsco Uniforms water-based Ecowasher, a safer and cost-effective solution for cleaning mechanical parts without harmful solvents.

Enhance hygiene levels in both washrooms and workspaces with Alsco Uniforms’ soft and absorbent Continuous Towel, a sustainable option for your engineering environment. Trust Alsco for innovative solutions to keep your engineering workplace clean and hygienic.

First Aid

In the fast-paced world of engineering, safety is paramount. Stay ahead of potential accidents with Alsco Uniforms First Aid Services, equipped with essential supplies like First Aid Kits, Eye Wash Station and Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

Our Managed Training Services guarantee WH&S compliance, ensuring your business is always prepared for any situation.


In engineering, maintaining hygiene is crucial for staff well-being and client impressions. Elevate your workplace with Fresh & Clean Managed Hygiene and Washroom Rental Services. Our range includes functional, hygienic, and stylish products like sanitary hygiene, odour control, soap dispensers, and more. Trust Alsco Uniforms to create a clean and welcoming environment tailored to your needs.

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