Food Processing

Food preparation demands good hygiene. We offer industrial workwear, pharmaceutical & food industry workwear, mats, ecosafe washer, industrial wipes, continuous towel, first aid and washroom services.


The most important element of a uniform in the food processing industry, is hygiene. Alsco offers this, whilst portraying the right image for your business with smart, professional looking attire. We provide a range of uniforms that offer safety features to protect your staff and ensure they meet food processing standards. Trust Alsco to deliver your company a clean, professional and hygienic image.


It’s a given that workplace environments in the food processing industry must be kept as clean and tidy as possible. That’s why you should think about our Alsco Mat Service which helps protect your floors from dirt and premature wear plus reduces the risks that come with slippery surfaces. Our mats offer your high traffic entrance areas protection against a build up of dust and dirt while our Non Slip Mats are a smart addition to areas where spills happen. Alsco Anti Fatigue Mats can also be beneficial for staff where they are required to stand for long periods.


It goes without saying that any workplace involved with the handling of food, must maintain the highest possible standards of hygiene. That includes how your staff and customers wash and dry their hands. From your food preparation areas to staff hygiene to your washrooms, you’ll find our Continuous Towel has a multitude of uses. We also offer our industrial wipes, a cost effective way to clean almost any surface, while the water based Alsco Ecowasher is the safer, economical way to clean mechanical parts.

First Aid

Anyone who works in food processing would know it’s an industry where accidents can easily happen and safety is of paramount importance. Which is why you should think about being totally prepared for any situation with an up to date, specialised First Aid Kit from Alsco. We can provide you with a range of safety products such as an Eye Wash Station and an Automated External Defibrillator for staff or customer emergencies. Importantly our Managed Training Services ensure that your business remains WH&S compliant at all times.


If you’re running any type of food processing business, you simply can’t afford poor hygiene with bacteria causing illness to staff. On the other hand a clean, well stocked bathroom can leave a positive impression with staff and customers. At Alsco, we offer Fresh & Clean Managed Hygiene and Washroom Rental Programs, tailored to your needs, with a wide range of functional, hygienic and stylish products and services including feminine hygiene, odour control, soap dispensers, hand-drying systems and cleaning.

Alsco Managed Rental Service

Buying isn’t always the best idea for your business.

Buying means a large cash investment and continually having to keep your equipment maintained and up-to-date. Sound like a hassle? It is. That’s exactly why we created our Managed Rental Service.

Renting with Alsco is more than just renting. We handle everything. Alsco is determined to make your rental experience smooth, seamless, and stress-free.

Your business is unique. But your cashflow concerns aren’t. Starting from just $1 a day, you’ll benefit from clockwork delivery, free replacements, and emergency, on-demand servicing.

One fee – limitless help and support. Because that’s how it should be.

  • TAILORED TO YOUR BUSINESS Have unique requirements? One-off emergency requests? Need to quickly adjust your service? You say jump…we’ll say ‘how high?’.
  • REGULAR PROFESSIONAL SERVICING Serviced and delivered on time – every time. Our teams will help keep your business clean, organised and professional.
  • CASHFLOW FRIENDLY Avoid large, crippling purchase fees, and pay a fixed regular fee. Take advantage of our all-inclusive service…from a mere $1 a day.
  • DECADES OF EXPERIENCE Founded in 1889, Alsco’s rental service has been carefully honed and perfected to your industry over 125 years.