Good presentation is a vital part of any retail business. So you may want to consider the difference a personalised or message mat could make to welcoming your customers and enhancing the branding of your retail offering. That’s not to mention the protection our mats can offer your high traffic entrance area against floor wear and tear and build up of dust and dirt. Alsco Non Slip Mats can be a great addition to areas where spills happen while Anti Fatigue Mats are beneficial for staff where they are required to stand for long periods.

First Aid

Accidents can easily happen in any industry and retail is no exception. Which is why you should think about being totally prepared for any situation with an up to date, specialised First Aid Kit from Alsco. We can provide you with a range of safety products such as an Eye Wash Station and an Automated External Defibrillator for staff or customers. Importantly our Managed Training Services ensure that your educational facility remains WH&S compliant at all times.


A fresh and hygienic washroom makes a long-lasting impression and shows your customers and staff you care about their comfort and well-being. To make sure that washrooms and other areas of your place always smell fresh, our Fresh & Clean automatic wall mounted air fresheners are programmed to dispense a measured dose of fragrance at selected intervals.

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