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Ensuring cleanliness in Government workplaces is imperative. Consider Alsco Uniforms Mat Service to safeguard floors and minimise slip hazards. Our mats provide high-traffic areas protection against dust buildup, while Wet Area Mats enhance safety in spill-prone zones, prioritising student and staff well-being. Explore Alsco Uniform Anti-Fatigue Mats for added comfort during prolonged standing periods. Trust Alsco uniforms to elevate cleanliness and safety standards in Government settings.


In Government and service industries, maintaining impeccable hygiene standards is essential. From office areas to washrooms, Alsco Uniforms’ Continuous Towel provides versatile hand drying solutions. Our soft, environmentally friendly cloth towels offer a sustainable option, ensuring staff satisfaction. Elevate hygiene practices in your workplace with Alsco Uniforms’ innovative solutions.

First Aid

In Government and service industries, prioritising safety is paramount. Stay prepared for any situation with Alsco Uniforms First Aid services, including essentials like First Aid Kits, Eye Wash Station and Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Ensure your staff is fully prepared for emergencies with our Managed Training Services. From emergency response training to navigating WH&S compliance regulations, we’ve got you covered.


If you’re in charge of a Government office, you simply can’t afford poor hygiene with bacteria causing illness to your staff. On the other hand a clean, well stocked bathroom can leave a positive impression with staff and visitors alike. At Alsco, we offer Fresh & Clean Managed Hygiene and Washroom Rental Programs, tailored to your needs, with a wide range of functional, hygienic and stylish products and services including feminine hygiene, odour control, soap dispensers, hand-drying systems and cleaning.

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