Did You Know That…

  • 500 people entering a building over 40 days will deposit, on an average, 24 pounds (11 kilograms) of dirt?
  • Without effective entrance matting, as few as 1500 people can remove 42 percent of the finish from a floor? (CleanLink)
  • 67% of commercial property owners report “slips and falls” as the number one category of all legal disputes?
  • In 2012, in US slips and falls were the cause of 28% of the cost of workplace injuries.
  • The total cost of slip and fall accidents in the workplace exceeded $15 billion (Liberty Mutual Institute for Safety, Workplace Safety Index, 2014)
  • The cost of non-fatal injuries caused by slips, trips and falls increased between 2001 and 2010. Of the other top causes of workplace injury measured by the Workplace Safety Index, each category saw costs fall during the same period. (Liberty Mutual Institute for Safety, Workplace Safety Index, 2014)

Chances Are You Are in the Same Boat Too.

As a business owner, do you worry about these? Have your employees slipped and got injured or are you concerned about the amount of dirt entering your building? Worry not!

Floor mats  – the simple, easy and cost effective answer to these reduce problems of yours.

Those humble mats go far beyond merely capturing dirt and liquids which people bring along with them while they enter and walk through your workplace, which of course they do. They are such workhorses that they:

  • Reduce maintenance costs by keeping not just the floors at your entrance lobby but the entire office clean.
  • Trap water and fluids, thus reducing slips and falls which could end up costing you a lot in heavy liability.
  • Specialised anti-fatigue mats provide comfort and relief for tired feet, legs and knees especially for those workers who need to stand for long hours.
  • Custom logos and messaging on your mats help improve the image of your office and reinforce any message that you wish to communicate to your employees or clients entering your office.

We are sure we need not say more to convince you about the benefits of these pieces of rubber which may very often go unnoticed and overlooked.

Why Rent Mats From Alsco?

So before you rush out to purchase mats from your neighbourhood hardware store or from the local supermarket we would like you to pause for a moment and read on.

Have you ever wondered about how to get even more from your mats? Have you thought about renting mats which are cleaned periodically by professionals and returned looking and performing as good as new mats? The rental lift and lay mat program from Alsco does just that and much more.

The difference is incredible!

Here are three reasons to go in for a rental mats service like that of Alsco:

  1. Rented mats save time, money and resources.

    • You no longer need to have someone to purchase mats, manage them daily and to keep dry and clean. Your rental mats service provider does this for you. So it saves time of your employees who are freed up to do other jobs. Renting mats means your valuable resources are not tied up in buying, cleaning or maintaining the mats. Renting mats means your valuable resources are not tied up in buying, cleaning or maintaining the mats.
    • There is no initial capital outlay in the purchase of mats. To purchase mats you need to cough up large amounts of cash at the outset. This expenditure then gets expensed over time.  On the other hand, if you were to rent mats, there is no lump sum monetary outlay. Moreover, the entire cost can be expensed immediately.
    • A mat rental service is a tax deductible expense. This expense is allowed as a deduction from taxable income and thus reduces overall tax liability.
    • Your cleaners have to spend reduced time on cleaning. Since most of the dirt, dust and fluids carried by people is captured by the mats, your buildings and workplaces remain cleaner. This means that your cleaners have to do less work to do – reducing their time, effort and energy and your cleaning costs.
  2. A rental lift and lay mat program means cleaner, more efficient mats.

    • The mats are always working collecting dirt 24 hours a day. They absorb soil to the bottom of the mats and do not leave any dirt on the surface.
    • Dirt is trapped and not walked into other parts of your premises. Alsco rental mats prevent tracking soil throughout your premises whereas store bought mats allow shoes to recollect soil and dirt, tracking it further.
    • Mats in custom shapes and sizes protect floors of your high-traffic areas and saves you the cost of premature replacement. Control and collection of dust also means less wear and tear of your floors.
    • Mats are cleaned professionally as per a pre-determined schedule. When replaced at your workplace, they come back looking and performing like new mats. The professional cleaning reduces wear and tear on the mats improving their performance.
    • Dirt and contaminants are removed from the property regularly when mats are replaced with professionally cleaned mats. Unlike mats cleaned in-house, where the contaminants and dust may not get removed completely from your mats therefore remaining on your premises leading to health issues.
    • A nice professional company image is always presented to your customers. You know that is half the battle won for you. So let these floor mats do their work.
  3. Rented mats assist a safe work environment.

    • Alsco mats are of an industrial quality and are designed to capture dirt, mud and fluids from workplace floors, thus reducing slips and falls.
    • Safety message mat programs provide a rotational safety message each service, keeping staff awareness to the maximum.

Didn’t we tell not to buy mats? Now you know why.  You are better off hiring them from a friendly professional company like Alsco.

How Can You Rent From Alsco?

You have understood the benefits. Now get the results.

To get started give a call. A friendly sales representative from Alsco will meet with you to do a thorough evaluation of the needs of your business and organisation. The Alsco sales representative will develop a plan perfect for your budget. You can begin by using our 2-week free trial offer going on currently and see the effectiveness of our mats for yourself.