Each month we spotlight a new or exciting Australian business who has either subscribed to Greenroom or is an Alsco customer. We want to know what makes your business tick and how this can help other Alsco customers to create greener, safer and healthier businesses.

The spotlight is on Pacemaker.

Pacemaker Headers Pty Ltd

Type of Business: Manufacturing Automotive

Pacemaker is an Adelaide-based manufacturing business producing Automotive Headers and Sports Exhaust Systems for over 30 years. They also have an in-house Ceramic Coating facility. In the last few years they have introduced King Brown Sports Exhaust Systems to suit the growing 4×4 market. And is having a great success with this ever growing range.

Check out their remarkable experience with Alsco and their business through out these years.

1. How long have you been using Alsco services? What Alsco products/services have you been using in your business? 

Pacemaker Headers Pty Ltd have been using Alsco Linen since 1997. We use overalls, dust coats, continuous towel, towels, mats and tea towels.

2. How did Pacemaker come to life?

Pacemaker Headers started off small in the first few years and through promotion and quality of products we have turned the business into a successful company employing over 30 staff. We are the pioneers of quality headers featuring the “Mandrel Bend” system.

We have a modern workshop which incorporates the latest equipment available including our aircraft quality computerised Benders with revolutionary, patented, vertebrate type mandrel, ensuring perfectly round bends, previously unavailable in Australia. We are the only Australian Header manufacturer to manufacture our products using Pipe Over Cone™ technology (Copyright number 135712 applies)

3. What is Pacemaker most famous for and why?

Pacemaker is most famous for it’s car headers which suit cars going back to the 1950’s through to current models. Using our Pipe Over Cone™ technology there is no protruding pipe inside the collector cone, therefore increasing exhaust gas flow and eliminating turbulence inside the exhaust header.

The result is better gas flow and increased horsepower. Our headers and sports exhaust systems feature precision cut and machined thick flanges to eliminate leaking and warpage. All headers and sports exhaust systems are jig welded for guaranteed fitment and are checked prior to shipment. Our products are all coated with heat proof finish tested to 1270º

4. What’s a crazy/awesome day like in your company?

We distribute all through Australia and a crazy day may see stillages going to 4 or 5 states and also over the waters to New Zealand.

5. What are the most crucial things you have done to grow Pacemaker?

Research & Development has been crucial to the success of Pacemaker Headers. This combined with our King Brown 4×4 Sports Exhaust Systems has kept us up with the times. We continually update our workshop to meet the needs of our growing business including adding new machines when required and maintaining existing ones to ensure they work at their optimum level.

6. What’s your top secret marketing tip that you can share with newbies?

Never give up! Don’t compromise on quality. We water test each and every part before it is coated to ensure there are no leaks. Spend time training staff to ensure this level of quality is maintained.

7. Do you have one funny yet effective way that you do to get people notice you or your store?

We don’t sell direct from Pacemaker, but probably our cheekiest form of advertising was our slogan “Strap a set on

8. What’s the most challenging issues you’ve faced when you startup your business?

Introducing new products and gaining market share takes time and determination. Quality is the key to success.

9. What’s that one thing in your business venture that you’re really happy about?

To see the business grow over the years is very rewarding together with customer satisfaction. We have customers contact us to tell us how happy they are with our products. We are a known brand in the marketplace and we have a reputation for quality products.

10. Do you have a funny experience with an Alsco rep?

We used to have the funniest rep! Would come in singing every week!


Pacemaker Headers Pty Ltd is located in Richmond, SA. For innovative designs and quality exhaust headers, visit their website at www.pacemaker.com.au. Want to have a helping hand in your business goals? Give Alsco a call on 1300 659 892 to enquire about our friendly rental and hassle-free rental services.