Are You Looking To…

  • Add some ‘zing’ to your workplace?
  • Create that ‘buzz’ about your restaurant or bar?
  • Have your employees and visitors sing a happy tune?

Well, here is an opportunity that may have gone unnoticed and overlooked!

It is well known that for businesses, particularly in the hospitality industry, the washroom could become the talking point for customers. Your patrons and guests can be entertained in the washroom and it could become a ‘must visit’ place, creating a buzz about it, and hopefully attracting more guests. Not a bad way to bring in new customers.

To be sure, even a bad washroom could become a talking point that can drive away customers. We are pretty sure you do not want that to happen.

Good washrooms are not just for the hospitality industry. A great washroom at any workplace will

  • Make workers and visitors feel looked after and comfortable,
  • Stop the spread of germs and infection,
  • Improve your green credentials, whilst
  • Saving your money.

So how do you go about creating that perfect washroom? What do you need to do? Worry not, help is at hand.

We list down four key elements of that great washroom. Alsco can help you! All you need to do is get in touch and Alsco will take care of these for you.

1) Hand Hygiene

This is the most basic element in a great washroom. Various germs and viruses are known to spread through hands. So it is important to have the right kind of hand hygiene facilities.

  • Soap

A good wash with soap and water is elementary hand hygiene and its importance cannot be overemphasized. Yet it is the most overlooked aspect in our daily hustle and bustle. A good delicate moisturising soap in your washroom is one way to encourage your employees to remember to wash their hands.

Spray soaps are commonly preferred variants for users though not always for the businesses because of their higher costs. Alsco, in conjunction with a specialist manufacturing team, developed new technology to maximize the efficiency of the soap being delivered through the spray system,making them as economical as liquid dispensers. So you can provide your users with choice. Regular servicing ensures that they are always stocked up and functioning properly.

  • Hand drying

Washing hands will often go waste if they are not dried properly since wet hands are ideal breeding ground for disease carrying germs and viruses. Hands need to be dried properly and completely after each wash.

There are multiple hand drying methods. Choose the one that is right for you. The soft, highly absorbent, cotton continuous towel from Alsco is a green option preferred by many businesses.

  • Spouts and Dispensers

These are a common source for cross-contamination as they tend to be touched frequently by various people. No-touch dispensers are a healthier alternative and work out to be economical too since they dispense only the required dose of soap.

  • Sanitisers

Alcohol based hand sanitisers are known to quickly reduce microbes on peoples hands. Studies have shown that sanitisers with an alcohol content of a minimum % are the most effective against viruses and germs. These can be particularly useful in situations where water or soap may not be available.

Alsco sanitisers also contain emollients which do not cause skin irritation or damage.

2) Air Quality

A fresh smelling washroom is something that each one of us finds ourselves hoping for in a public place since there is nothing quite so disturbing as a foul-smelling one. There are some easy steps you can take to make your washroom smelling nice and good.

Ensure there is sufficient ventilation in your washroom. A nice big open window which let in fresh air would be ideal but not always possible. However do ensure that all stale air is continually extracted from the washrooms.

Alsco has a smart three-in-one solution for your air quality problems too. The new air management filter eliminates malodours, reduces fine dust and entraps airborne pathogens including bacteria. It has a specially designed triple level filter comprising of anti-bacterial, anti-fibre and charcoal filter which manage air-quality in your washrooms  without affecting airflow performance.

3) Take Care

Make sure you provide for the needs of women and children. Discreet and smart feminine hygiene bins for women are a basic necessity.

Additional features like providing a nappy changing unit with a high quality disposal bin or seat sanitisers in public washrooms are just that extra bit you can do to show that you care.

4) Add That Jazz

Your restroom is a great opportunity to impress your visitors and create a buzz around it. We are sure you would have seen those lists about the “Top 10 washrooms”. The idea is to make your visitors feel good about them so that they remember your washrooms.

You do not have to hire expensive designers for it. Sites such as Pinterest, Flickr or Instagram can give you inspiration and get your creative juices flowing.

Alsco’s own sleek modern professional looking range of washroom products is a simple way to pack in that punch.

So what are you waiting for?

These are simple yet effective steps to create that perfect washroom for visitors and employees.

Fresh & Clean, the premier washroom hygiene service for businesses from Alsco, has various simple, cost-effective and hassle-free solutions for you. Fresh & Clean is looking to hear from you.