Tie-up to Reduce Insurance Costs for Restaurant and Catering Industry

Alsco, a premier supplier of beautiful crisp linen, serviettes and wipes and smart, comfortable chef coats to the Australian hospitality industry, is pleased that the Restaurant and Catering Association, the premier association representing the interests of this industry, has recently tied up with Arthur J Gallagher as its official insurance broker.

Arthur J Gallagher is one of the largest global insurance brokers, with a network of hospitality insurance brokers and a very successful restaurant insurance product. The Restaurant and Catering Association represents the interests of 35,000 restaurants, cafes and caterers in Australia.

This tie-up will help reduce the insurance costs for the industry by making available competitively priced fire, theft and related insurance products. In particular, Gallagher has a number of brokers who specialise in helping clients to address the specific risks faced by the restaurant and catering industry including on-site safety, food preparation and damage to property.

Alsco Products  – Cost Efficient and Safety Enhancers

Alsco products and services offer similar cost-savings benefits for the restaurant industry. Renting linen and uniforms from Alsco rather than buying them means zero capital costs for businesses. There is no capital outlay to either purchase the linen and the machines to launder and maintain them. With rent being a tax-deductible expense, getting crisply laundered linen, serviettes, and chef-coats from Alsco make great business sense.

Alsco offers first aid products and training, including Fire Warden and Evacuation Training for the safety of restaurants. These not only help meet WH&S requirements, employees work better in an environment where their safety is taken care of.

“Our products are designed to offer the hassle-free, cost-effective, premier solutions for healthy, safe and greener Australian workplaces. We are proud to be associated with 45,000 businesses across the nation, both large and small and offer them regular service schedules, high-quality products and friendly customer service” said Jane Lawrence, Marketing Manager at Alsco.


Photo Courtesy: KAZofficial