Each month we spotlight new or exciting Australian businesses which have either subscribed to Greenroom or are Alsco customers. We want to know what makes your business tick and how this can help other Alsco customers to create greener, safer and healthier businesses.

Today the spotlight is on Lunch In A Box.

They’ve been using Alsco mats, linen and first aid kits on and off for over 15 years mainly through their supply lines. (products used have been under a different company when they were based in the city, trading as another company)

Learn their story and find out their secret ingredients to success in the catering industry.

Type of Business: Catering to offsite locations, Corporate, University, Government, Private sector.

Lunch In A Box

Lunch in a Box provides quality catering services to a Sydney based market. Creating great food products to meet the need of todays busy lifestyle. From early morning starts, delivering gourmet breakfast boxes for a corporate event or staff incentive day, to lunch boxes for a conference at a university or for a school excursion around NSW. Whatever the catering needs

Lunch in a Box has a food solution. Many of our clients have deluxe lunch boxes which might include Tasmanian salmon fillet with lemon myrtle crust, mixed bean and chick pea salad, baby spinach and fresh figs with shaved parmesan followed by homemade chocolate brownies and fresh fruit skewers. We see a lot of clients choosing a boxed food option as it is quick, consistent, portion controlled and easy to hand out. We also cater for all dietary requirements that may arise.

1. How did Lunch In A Box came to life?

Lunch in a Box started life from a country style barn in Kurrajong which was converted into a commercial approved kitchen. The business started in 2007 and mainly serviced a private client in Randwick hospital. From there the company grew and developed more clients in Sydney in corporate, Government and Educational sectors.

2. Who is the best customer you ever had?

We have a number of great clients, the best in terms of work flow being James Lance GlaxoSmithKline. This client was serviced for seven years, seven days a week, providing fresh made food products for volunteers taking part in clinical research trials.

3. What’s the best compliment you got from your staff?

I’m a great Boss! No really, all our staff work really well together, with great communication and family spirit. The work flow is good so everybody is working in a positive work environment.

4. What sparked the idea for you to start Lunch in a Box?

I had registered the business name for Lunch in a Box many years ago, with the idea of providing this sort of meal service and food product at some point in the future. In 2007 that opportunity arose, so we developed a strong quality food product base and began life in the lunch box business.

5. What were the challenges that you have encountered when you first start up your business?

Every day in business is a challenge, whether it is logistics issues, staffing issues, cash flow shortages, there is always something to keep you on your toes. Initially, the first real problems to solve are to build a strong client base, gaining repeat business and providing a consistent food product. It is all about building relationships, developing trust and providing a quality consistent catering service. As a business we need to be credible people to deal with, this takes time.

6. What are your best tips for getting new sales at the door?

Most of our new sales actually come from existing clients; word of mouth is where we generate most new sales. Having an attractive website backed up by marketing material and e-newsletters with specials and recipes will all help. Moving now towards a stronger social media presence is where the focus will be. Customers now have a tendency to leave things to the last minute, so being able to react quickly to service short notice customers, brings them back.

7. Do you have a funny story to share about one of your experiences in the business?

In another catering company that we operated years ago where we did many weddings. We were packing a van after a busy wedding ready to go home, piling in all the boxes, plates, glasses and general equipment that were used. This also included left over food items. Just as we were leaving one of the chefs came running out with half a leg of ham, placed it safely in the back of the van, jumped in and we drove off.

The wedding was in the country and very hard to see our way around in the dark, there came a very sharp turn on the property that we did not see the turn too well and had to brake really quickly and as we did the leg of ham came flying through the vehicle and hit the front inside windscreen right in front of the three amazed chefs.

Looks were exchanged, laughter came then the ham was resecured in the back of a van again.

Nothing like a tender ham to get you going!

8. Is there something unusual you want people to know about Lunch in a Box?

Just that we offer great fresh food products in a boxed meal solution. Our food style really works well for clients who are on the move, school excursions, harbour cruise, corporate team building, conferences and quick breakouts. Supplying great tasting food, packed ready to eat is a real convenience.

9. If you were not a business owner/entrepreneur right now and you’re part of Alsco’s team, who would you like be? What work would you love to do?

A trainer, I have always had a keen interest in training and as such recently completed the Certificate IV in Training and assessment.

10. If Alsco is to offer your business a 1 year full service of one of our products, what would it be? And why do you like it best?

First Aid, I think WH&S is critical to any business and being compliant not only for legal reasons but for general health and safety of the employees in essential.



Lunch In A Box Catering started their business in the year 2007. They’re located in McGrath Hills, NSW. To enquire about  Lunch In A Box and their great fresh foods, visit their website at www.lunchinabox.com.au.

Indeed, Workplace Health & Safety is something every business should not neglect. Partner with Alsco to make sure your workers stay safe and your company compliant, enquire about Alsco First Aid now.

Photo Courtesy: Lunch In A Box Instagram