In some occupations, a work uniform is a given: police, nurses and the armed forces are obvious examples. For many other occupations, however, a uniform may only be required by certain employers, or it may be optional. Yet, for certain others, it is not just a given but a necessity.

One of these occupations is mining. Mining not only necessitates that its workers have uniforms, it also demands that these uniforms are specifically designed with safety and comfort features that are required by the working conditions in the mines.

Let us have a look at reasons why work uniforms work!

Work Uniform Pros

  • Uniforms can be designed with safety features for high risk environments. Hi-Viz uniforms feature special highly visible colours, reflective tape, etc. to meet the safety requirements of Australian mining.
  • Staff are walking advertisements. They are always well presented, ensuring the right image is being conveyed. A uniform removes the problem of staff with differing ideas about what constitutes appropriate workwear.
  • Staff stand out and are easily recognisable as staff members. Customers know who to approach for help or advice.
  • For employees, work uniforms can impart a sense of belonging and membership. They can act to bring groups of people together as a team.
  • Uniforms can have a positive impact on employee behaviour as they make employees more conscious of their actions.
  • A work uniform means less wear and tear on an employee’s own clothes.
  • Staff are all on an even footing in terms of their clothes: DIY work clothing can create competition between staff. The last thing any workplace needs is an ongoing ‘best-dressed’ competition between staff.
  • Employees have a clear, visual delineation between work and leisure time.
  • A managed uniform service is tax deductible.

Work Uniform Cons

  • Employees are unable to express their individuality through their attire.
  • Cost – which may be borne by either the employer or employees, or a combination of both.
  • Clothes you choose yourself may be more comfortable or suit you better than a uniform.

From the above, it looks as if the benefits of work uniforms outweigh those of no uniforms,

Benefits of Work Uniforms

Work uniforms offer a range of benefits to employees, employers and customers, including:

  • Presenting a positive company image.
  • Reducing wear and tear on employee clothes.
  • Making employees easily recognisable.
  • Promoting team building.
  • Enhance worker safety.

Uniforms need to be well designed and well maintained with a focus on comfort and style. Workers need to look good and feel comfortable in them. In many industries such as the Mining Industry, the uniform provide safety as well. Mining industry workwear need to be highly visible, reflective, durable and comfortable workwear for the harsh working conditions in the mines.

Look Good. Be Safe in Uniform

A managed work uniform program, such as that offered by Alsco, makes work uniforms easy: supply, laundering and maintenance of uniforms is included, ensuring employees always look and feel safe, clean and fresh – presenting a positive, front-line image to customers.

To know more about our the special features of our Mining Industry uniforms and our cost-effective rental solutions, meet our Alsco representatives at the AIMEX at the Sydney Showground.  Or contact Alsco now, our friendly representatives are waiting to help you.



Image courtesy: UK in Sweeden