Each month we spotlight new or exciting Australian businesses which have either subscribed to Greenroom or are Alsco customers. We want to know what makes your business tick and how this can help other Alsco customers to create a greener, safer and healthier businesses.

Today’s spotlight is on The Central Market Kitchen.

The Central Market Kitchen

About Central Market Kitchen: 

The Central Market Kitchen is a food, tourism and education hub for people interested in high-quality South Australian foods. We introduce and connect local producers, offering food and wine experiences, highlighting products and demonstrating the importance of local foods to the community and the economy.

A Food Tourism Hub…

1. How did The Market Kitchen come to life?

We recognised a need in the tourism industry for a hub for food tourism right in the CBD and the space immediately above the most visited tourist attraction at Adelaide – The Adelaide Central Market- seemed ideally situated!

2. What were the challenges that you have encountered when you first start up The Market Kitchen?

Whilst we are immediately above the Market many people do not know the space exists – this will soon be rectified as we have been fortunate enough to gain funding to redevelop our outdoor area complete with new signage.

A Day In The Market Kitchen…

3. What is a crazy/awesome day like in The Market Kitchen?

Every day in the Kitchen is different – we might be hosting local students on an educational tour, linking exchange students with their schools overseas via Skype, hosting corporate groups for team bonding experiences, filming overseas cooking segments with celebrity chefs, launching new products etc. In all our activities, we promote the amazing produce available in the Market right below us.

4. What are the top 3 things you do to have fun in The Market Kitchen?

Every day is fun as we are interacting with people who are there to learn and have fun – but the top 3 things would be:

  • The moments when students tell us after a tour that it was “the best excursion ever”.
  • Seeing corporate teams really bond together over a Market Challenge event.
  • Butchers Blocks- chilled out sessions once a month- great food, music and a great atmosphere.

5. Do you have a funny story to share about one of your experiences when running The Market Kitchen?

When we first took on the Kitchen it had not been decorated for many years and the windows hadn’t been opened in more than 50 years – one of the first things we did was to chip away the paint and open the kitchen to the fresh air again – however, it was the paint that had been holding the window in place – our director was left stranded outside one floor up from Gouger Street holding the window in place whilst we ran around the market trying to find tools and some screws to reattach the window!

Life Besides The Central Market…

6. If you’re not in Central Market (at work), where can we find you?

In my kitchen cooking up a storm to share with family and friends.

Message To Others…

7. What’s your top secret marketing tip that you can share with newbies?

In this day and age, social media is a very important marketing tool. Having someone whose responsibility it is to advertise a consistent and professional message is very valuable. Also incorporating social media into our products, for example – when we are running a corporate event we can cross promote their company and ours. A functional, easy to use booking engine from both our sides, as event holders and for potential clients is essential.

8. What’s the best learning experience that you’d like to share with others?

You never get a second chance at a first impression so it is important to present to potential new clients professionally in all aspects from the start.

Alsco Experience…

9. What’s one thing that Alsco does for you that no one else can? Why?

Alsco provides a great linen service and offers us flexibility with our order – we are a small company and our needs vary greatly from week to week.

10. Do you have a funny experience with an Alsco rep?

Not yet, early days, – but we hope to continue with the company and look forward to an ongoing and growing business relationship.



Alsco would like to thank Cheryl Turner, the Administration Co-ordinator of Adelaide Central Market Kitchen, World Food Connections Pty. Ltd and Central Market Tours, for sharing an awesome story through this interview.

The Central Market Kitchen avails Alsco‘s fully-managed rental services to take care of their workplace needs. They recently started their business in 2015. It is located immediately above the iconic Adelaide Central Market. For more of  Central Market Kitchen, visit their website at  www.themarketkitchen.com.au.

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