Good Energy Saving Habits – Turn Off the Lights Poster

Do you sometimes despair of your dearly beloved workmates remembering to take those little steps needed to ‘green your office’?

Well, despair no more! Download and print our Good Energy Savings Habits posters – whichever size suits you best, A3 or A4 – and remind your recalcitrant colleagues of easy ways to help the environment.

Download A4 Poster [PDF 279KB]

Download A3 Poster [PDF 279KB]

Greener Alsco Continuous Cloth Towel

Alsco offers variety of solutions to help make your workplace a greener environment like continuous Cloth Towel that offers important benefits with less impact in the environment. Use cotton towels which are an environmentally friendlier option than paper. An international study has shown that most of the people prefer to dry their hands using cloth towels than using paper alternatives.

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Image courtesy:  Benjamin Linh VU

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