Office greenery can and should be thoughtful. Not only do plants make spaces more vibrant, but they can go to work eliminating harmful pollutants from the air.

Plants convert CO2 into oxygen and some can filter out benzene, formaldehyde and/or trichloroethylene.

Benefits of Office Plants

  • Office plants will protect your health.
  • Create a more cheerful working environment.
  • Keep the office focused on going green.
  • They can also be used as screens in open-plan offices.

There are a number of companies specialising in indoor plant hire and/or sales such as Indoor Plant Hire Melbourne and Simply Plants Sydney.


    This plant is difficult to kill, making it perfect for busy workplaces. It’s tolerant of low light conditions and erratic watering.

Peace Lily

    World-class airfiltering plant (absorbs pollutants including benzene and formaldehyde) and can thrive in an office! To keep your Peace Lily in top condition, keep away from direct sunlight as they prefer lower levels of light.

Rubber Plant

    A NASA approved air-cleaning plant! Loves the sun but not high heat. Place rubber plants by office windows.

English Ivy

    Keep fresh by misting periodically. You may wish to purchase some wood or mesh for your ivy to climb across.

Boston Fern

    Lovely with its draping stems and long fronds, this fern has a higher tolerance for light and dry conditions than other species.

Gerbera Daisies

    A green way to show appreciation. The gerbera daisy is bright, simple and a powerful air-filterer.

Alsco Green Solution

As businesses become more mindful of the environment and the need for safer workplaces, we at Alsco offers variety of solutions to help make your workplace a greener environment.

The revolutionary Evolution Mats are made from recycled eco-friendly materials. Our continuous Cloth Towel also offers important benefits with less impact in the environment. Use cotton towels which are an environmentally friendlier option than paper. Delivers metered dose with safe automated spray and waterless, environmentally safe and gentle on hands are just few of the benefits of our Instant Hand Sanitisers.

Why not give us a call to find out all the details. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Image courtesy: Kelly Cookson