Managing a business is a lot of hard work. Your multitasking skills are tested to the limit. As a small business owner, you often find yourself being a multi-functional specialist managing purchases, maintenance, marketing, finance and much more. You have to manage your staff, the workplace itself, and of course the materials, equipment, and constant flow of supplies to your business.

Even if you manage to do all of these things as a business owner, it simply isn’t efficient enough and your time and energy can be put to better use such as focusing on the more important aspects of your business such as growth and development. This is where a professional specialist rental company like Alsco is extremely useful.

Here at Alsco, we are not just a professional supplier of various equipment and materials for your business, but we also take a load off of various tasks such as restocking and maintenance through our cost-efficient and flexible rental service program.

If you want to know more about how Alsco can help your business with our rental service program just call 1300 659 892 or use our contact form to speak to one of our representatives for an enquiry.

Stick to Your Budget

Alsco’s rental service program offers a variety of cost-effective services that help any business get the necessary materials and equipment to run their business smoothly. But that is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’ so to speak, since our rental service program allows you to scale with your business demands while also not requiring any upfront fees which makes it very affordable and convenient.

Our rental service program gives you control over how much you need to spend instead of buying materials or equipment by the bulk and end up not using them, which further leads to constant restocking or resupplying thus costing you much more than intended.

For example, if you have a hotel business and you need more uniforms, aprons, and tablecloths during Christmas or bedsheets and towels during school holidays. Alsco lets you adjust the costs, according to your business’ demands while also letting you scale down when business is slow during the regular season. You can even spend as low as $1/day on various items such as floor mats, aprons, and so on.

Save Time and Money with our Help

We here at Alsco also know that having cost-effective materials and equipment isn’t enough to save you money in this day and age since you still need to invest time and effort on installing, replacing, maintenance, and restocking the items as well.

This is where Alsco’s rental service program is different from other similar services since we do all the work such as installing, replacing, and maintaining the items that we offer your business.

So this means that you don’t have to spend any time or money in making sure that all the services we offer you are in working condition or that you have enough supplies to last through the entire day, week, and month. Our first aid kits are regularly restocked with hospital grade supplies to take care of usage and to ensure nothing is ever out-of-date. Now these can be rented online with just a few clicks.

As stated earlier, this gives you more time to focus on the more important aspects of your business instead of worrying about the little things such as upkeep and supply of various materials and equipment being used in your business. And let’s not forget the common saying, ‘time is money’.

Loyalty through Quality

Here at Alsco, we pride ourselves in the fact that we offer high-quality materials, equipment, and reliable services. With that in mind, we have our customer service representative always eager and ready to help you if there is any problem related to our services.

We are eager to help out concerns or issues with our services, whether it is replacing broken equipment or restocking supplies and other materials for your business. What’s more, our First Aid Training is offered on a customer friendly number of seats basis. This ensures that even if a trained first aider leaves an organisation, another one is trained at no extra cost to the customer.

We are also offering a two week risk-free trial of many of our services. So go ahead and try us out and in the unlikely scenario that you aren’t satisfied, then you don’t have to worry about risking any of your resources.

Make managing your business easier and more cost-effective with the Alsco Rental Services Program. Just call 1300 659 892 or use our contact form to get an enquiry about how we can help your business grow even with a tight budget.


Photo Courtesy: Micheal Arrighi