Each month we spotlight a new or exciting Australian business that has either subscribed to Greenroom or is an Alsco customer. We want to know what makes your business tick and how this can help other Alsco customers to create safer, greener and healthier businesses.

The Spotlight is on PWR

Type of Business: Manufacturing

PWR provides world-class cooling solutions by manufacturing high-performance aluminium radiators, intercoolers and oil coolers for all applications. Currently supplying high-performance cooling solutions to leading race teams such as F1, Nascar, V8 Supercars etc.

The state of the art manufacturing facility includes a controlled atmosphere brazing furnace and guarantees a high-quality product with quick turnaround times and the ability to customise a cooling package to suit each customer’s needs. This flexible manufacturing approach sets PWR apart from its competitors as we cater for low volume and high volume orders.

The Other Story of PWR

1. What is PWR most famous for and why?

Providing cooling solutions to the highest category’s within motorsport including F1 and Nascar.

PWR made its mark on the world stage of Motorsport when it introduced a radiator core that would handle 100psi. When a cooling system can run at a higher pressure it increases the boiling point of the water, which results in a highly efficient cooling package. The ability to provide each customer exactly what they require in a cooling design also sets PWR apart from other competitors.

2. What are the top 3 things you do to have fun at work?

Attend Motorsport events to see the product in use.

Motorsport events attended will see a selected group of the staff attend the Formula 1 event in Melb / Gold Coast V8 Supercar event. Other “fun” events that PWR staff is involved in are the ride day opportunities throughout the year. This involves PWR staff getting a hot lap with the RED BULL Supercar drivers Jamie Whincup & Craig Lowndes at a local track.

3. If you’re not in your store/office (at work), where can we find you?

Crossfit or the beach.

The Crossfit training is a perfect way of keeping fit, especially when you are at a desk for the majority of the day. It is a test of endurance and also a mental game to teach yourself that you can get through anything as hard as it may seem or as much as it is burning various muscles of your body and you think you can’t do any more reps, you find that bit extra to get the entire workout completed. “If it was easy everyone would be doing it”.

The beach is just an idyllic place to be and you never leave the beach stressed, it is a way to relax and clear your mind.

Passionate Staff = Customer Satisfaction

4. What’s the best experience you have in the business so far?

Customer satisfaction, the feedback on how thankful customers are that PWR have fixed the overheating issues they were experiencing prior to contacting PWR

5. What’s that one thing in your business venture that you’re really happy about?

The Passionate staff employed at PWR and the consistent high-quality product being produced

Workplace Management…

6. How do you make things lighter or hassle-free when you manage PWR?

Ensure manufacturing lead times and delivery dates promised to customers are met.

7. How do you maintain safety in your workplace?

Visual signage and warnings in all high-risk areas, training is provided and regularly updated with stuff. All visitors must sign in and wear hi-vis vests and safety glasses

8. If Alsco is to offer your business a 1-year full service of one of our products, what would it be? And why do you like it best?

Would be the cleaning service of the printed floor mats we have in various entry and exits around the workplace. A clean and tidy workplace can tell a lot about a business and the way it prides itself of the products it manufactures.

PWR Performance Products Logo


PWR started their business in 1997 in Ormeau, QLD 4208. To know more about PWR and their cooling solutions, visit www.pwr.com.au.

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Photo Courtesy: PWR Facebook