A Symbol of Change and Growth

In the 50th year of operation there was a milestone for Alsco. The new building at Glendenning was complete and Clean Room Garments, Deane Apparel and Fresh & Clean had made the big move in.

In a year in which we shared many images of change & growth in the business, the new building at Glendenning may now be considered another symbol of change and growth. In 2013 the three business units, with their unique identities and culture came to work under the one roof, under the one large Alsco sign. As we approached one year of occupancy, a theme emerged – there was a new sense of belonging to the Alsco family.

The efforts began a long time ago to get the right building, layout, fitout plans and workstation arrangements. Lastly came the physical efforts to pack, move and unpack. It all progressed so smoothly and was an outstanding achievement.

Almost 12 months on, the committed and adaptable staff exchange greetings at the back of Kev’s coffee van. Matt from CRG wheels Leah’s First Aid order around the wall into the Fresh & Clean building, Guru from CRG wanders down the stairs to hand deliver a PO for a customer’s pants & shirts with Deane’s, Neil from Fresh & Clean takes a short stroll to install a First Aid kit on our wall and then when Mitchell passes by to exchange mats the Alsco group is complete.

Positive Changes and Great Attitude

There are frustrating events, couriers knocking on the wrong doors to make deliveries and Aaron’s music in the CRG Warehouse penetrating Deane’s office walls. However, the facilities are a huge difference from the tired old Artarmon building and the purpose built training room facility has had a heap of use by the growing ‘Managed Training’ side of the business. For some the distance to work is far greater while for others it is much less.

Since moving, CRG has made some changes to take advantage of the flexibility of the IT help desk’s continuous and ongoing support. The ICE system became available to CRG employees and is seen as an innovative way to manage their administration needs. The Admin team did a great job in working through payroll and other large administrative changes. The great attitude of individuals and the strength of our relationships have helped us work with each other through these changes positively and as always there has been plenty of cake!

New Initiatives and Product Ideas

CRG continues to grow to seek the needs of individuals, companies and the wider community by continuing to provide an excellent level of service at the appropriate cost. There are great new product ideas such as Biorem out in the market to support businesses to ‘go green’ and innovative changes to help patients and staff in operating theatres with new textile packs. CRG continues to demonstrate care for the wellbeing of others with the continual development of the Managed First Aid, Fire and Evacuation products.

The great work continues to meet the needs of our current customers; the individuals just like us who have a list of jobs to start working on each morning. For us, starting them in a new purpose built building with the people who successfully made such a big change makes it all the more enjoyable.

Alsco employees with a winning attitude are here to serve you as well. They are friendly, knowledgeable and eager to assist you. Just call Alsco today and you will know for yourself!