Alsco New Zealand Support Centre Greets New Premises

A New Fresh Look with a Green Theme

Back in February, Alsco New Zealand’s Support Centre packed up its old head office and moved to fresh, new premises.

We had been 18+ years at the Market Road site which was beginning to look and feel tired.

So we now have a new fresh look that supports the Alsco NZ brand – a green theme, light and airy with largely open plan offices – a smaller footprint but better usage of space.

New Premises a Hit With Staff

The installation (at minimal additional cost) of electric desks has been a hit with staff.

Old and young are enjoying the “healthier” option of choosing to stand at their desks for part of the day. Paired with our anti-fatigue mats the standing desks have reduced stress and overall tiredness at the end of the day.

The photos show most of the Support Centre Team on our first day at Level 1, 602C Great South Road, Ellerslie, Auckland.

Alsco New Premises 01    Alsco New Premises 02    Alsco New Premises 03


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