You have set up and started your day spa. It is doing fine. However, you need to make it big now. You need to get many more customers as compared to existing numbers.  Your spa therapists have the best knowledge, training and experience. Is just that enough to get you the growth in business, generate the positive feedback that you want? Do you know what the customers are looking for in a spa?

There are some touches which make your clients come back over and over again. It is these little things which they feel good about, remember for a long time and keep coming back for many times over.

Let us not forget that happy customers are the best salespersons. A delighted client will not just talk about your place, but in today’s social networking age, she will tweet about it or like it on Facebook or even Instagram a picture of her glowing face. You can not get a better endorsement than that.

However, in order to get those happy clients you need to know what clients are looking for in a good spa. You also need to then make sure that you provide it to them


The therapists are the backbone of a spa. They are the ones who can make or break it. Often people will keep going to a particular spa for as long as their chosen person is there.

Some therapists have made quite a name for themselves in the business and it is not just by the quality of the massage they provide. Such is their fan following that people will drive from across town to your spa or be willing to wait for weeks in order to get an appointment with their chosen therapist.

Now don’t you wish that each one of your spa therapists had that kind of an appointment diary? To do so, it is important to know the secrets behind their magic. These are quite basic actually. Make sure that each and every employee at your spa remembers to follow these at all possible times.

  1. Clean and hygienic

    The magic starts with the personal grooming of the practitioner. A spotlessly clean, smart and comfortable uniform helps enhance the image of your establishment. Make sure that there are no spots and stains from a previous session on their uniforms.
    Their hair needs to be well groomed and in place. Pay special attention to the therapist’s hands. The hand hygiene habits of therapists are very important since it is the hands which come in direct contact with the guests. In fact, it is a good habit to have your therapists wash and sanitise their hands in front of the guests before the start of the therapy, during and at the end. This reassures them a great deal.

  2. Professional, friendly and unpretentious

    It is a good idea to establish a rapport with the clients. The positive bond between your staff and their guests forms not merely through the therapy itself. Have your staff start every session with a warm greeting and by introducing themselves. Ensure they re-confirm the therapy with the client before they start.
    Once the session begins, the therapist should take the lead from the customer in terms of the amount of talk, making sure that the client is relaxed throughout the session. At all times, including while talking to the customer, the focus should be on the client and his/her experience. Get your staff into the habit of avoiding talking about themselves or their personal problems. Another thing to avoid is criticising the practices of other competitor spas, from where the client may have got sessions earlier, even if the client does so.

  3. Never Sell

    The one thing that clients clearly dislike is when therapists start cross-selling other products and services. While it is a good idea to understand other treatments that the client has been doing and offer suggestions. However, refrain from selling products or other treatments available at your spa, unless asked for specifically.

  4. Medical Conditions

    Ensure that your establishment always asks about the medical conditions that your client is experiencing and the medicines being taken. A professional therapist will know how the therapy will interact with the medicines or conditions. Certain therapies may not even be recommended in certain conditions. A well-trained therapist will be knowledgeable enough to advise the client on alternative therapies.
    A client information form is a useful tool to obtain such information. The information so obtained should be carefully documented so that the client is not troubled on each visit. However, at the same time, it is also important that the information obtained is constantly updated to provide the correct and best therapy. A system should be put in place to update so that the therapist is reminded to ask the client for updates at periodic intervals.

    The Therapy

  5. Products

    A good spa uses good quality products. It is important to not compromise on the standards of the products being used as clients like to know that they will not end up with other problems because of this reason.  Always inform the clients of the products being used during the session.
    It is a good practice to lay out these products before the client and talk to them about their ingredients and benefits. This gives them assurance of the quality of the therapy and of the products used during the service.

  6. Practices

    With proper practices, spas can avoid becoming the hotbed of cross infection that they are so prone to being. It is very easy for skin or hair infections to spread via the towels and tools used or surfaces touched if they are not cleaned and disinfected. A good therapy will only use tools that are completely sanitised after every single use. Proper protocols should be put in place to ensure this.
    All towels and day spa linen should be laundered as per the highest hygiene standards in order to avoid cross-contamination.

  7. Punctuality

    A client always appreciates a therapy that begins promptly. Remember, not only is your clients’ time precious, delay’s in one session will upset the entire day’s routine.
    Clients also acknowledge the therapy and massage sessions that last for the period that was promised to them.

    The Spa

  8. Ambience:

    The spa should have a pleasing ambience throughout the premises, right from the reception to the washrooms, the therapy rooms. The spa experience is known to appeal to all five senses in order to relax and rejuvenate the mind and body of the client.
    Make sure that there is relaxing music, ambient aromas, soft lighting, warm fluffy towels, super soft bathrobes, warm or cold beverages, whichever suitable, available for the clients so that they are immediately transported into a calm and relaxed world.

  9. Cleanliness

    Clients expect to see the highest standard of cleanliness and hygiene throughout the spa, be it the washrooms, the sauna or pool, or the linen and uniforms being used. Unsanitary conditions lead to the spread of germs and infection causing bacteria, which end up doing more harm than good.

  10. Complete Information and Communication

    A good spa confirms client appointments in writing, provide information about its cancellation policy, charges and timings.  Provide complete information about the services included in the chosen package and make the client aware of any specific exclusions from the package.
    At the time of the therapy, walk the client through all the stages for the therapy and the timings thereof so as to avoid any surprises later on once the session has begun.

  11. Value for Money

    With a surge in demand for day spa services, their numbers have soared across the country. Clients can choose from a number of day spas at different pricing budgets. Where ever your spa may be located on the pricing spectrum, make sure that the clients are getting their money’s worth. The guests should feel happy, relaxed and having got good value for their time and money.

With these practices in place at your spa, we are sure that you will build your own strong clientele base who will not only keep coming back for more, they will also spread the good word about your spa.

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Image Courtesy: Pixabay