Some people dread the idea of having to use a public toilet. There are those hate the idea so much that they would try not to go for as long as they can, just to avoid using a public toilet. But “holding it” is not a healthy practice and it should not be encouraged.

Everyone should be able to use the washroom when they have to. This includes the washrooms at your offices and manufacturing establishments too. Your visitors and employees should never have to think twice about using the washrooms when they visit your work place or come for their employment.

Here is where toilet seat sanitisers can come in handy. Discover how Alsco can help you and your business with their hygienic washroom solutions, including toilet seat sanitisers.

Toilet Use Paranoia – Justified or Not?

Each time that a toilet is flushed, some water drops and other materials are sprayed up. Some of those drops and materials land on the toilet seat. It’s bad enough to have water and other stuff from the toilet landing on the seat, but there are cases when bacteria, viruses and other germs get sprayed upwards too, which end up contaminating the seat.

People who are afraid to use public toilets have good reasons for their paranoia. There are a lot of germs and diseases that users can catch in public toilets. Here are some of them:

E. coli and the Norovirus– E. coli is a bacterium that is found in faecal matter. A person exposed to E. coli might experience diarrhoea, vomiting and stomach cramps. The norovirus, which is a gastrointestinal virus, can also cause symptoms that are similar to those caused by E. coli. The E. coli and norovirus can stick to nonporous surfaces such as toilet seats and stay there for over two weeks.

Shigella Bacteria– These bacteria cause shigellosis, if you are unfamiliar with that, then you must have heard about one of its infections i.e. dysentery. It causes diarrhoea, cramps in the abdominal area. Dysentery has also been known to cause epidemics, which means that it is very infectious. Though shigellosis is often transmitted through food that has been infected, it is also possible to get infected through toilet seats and other contaminated surfaces.

Streptococcus– Streptococcus is a kind of bacteria that is found in your throat where it can cause problems. It can also cause skin infections that can be contagious; in fact, it is the cause of the dreaded flesh-eating bacteria.

But while it is possible to get in contact with the Streptococcus bacteria in a public washroom, it is highly unlikely. We are including it on the list because it is a possibility that a toilet seat or other surfaces in the washroom can get contaminated with this dreaded bacterium.

Staphylococcus– Staphylococcus can contaminate and stay on surfaces, such as toilet seat covers, for a long time and they can cause several diseases. The toxins produced by these bacteria are also common causes of food poisoning.

Though Staphylococcus can live for a long time on surfaces, it only takes a few seconds for it to get transmitted from surfaces to your skin. Though the likelihood that you can get Staphylococcus from a public toilet is low, there is always that possibility.

Flu– You can catch the flu virus from all types of surfaces, including toilet seats. In order for you not to catch the flu from the toilet seat is not to touch your mouth, nose or eyes right after touching the toilet seat surface or any other surface in a public washroom.

If a washroom is clean and well-maintained, then using the toilets there should not be a real concern. The likelihood that diseases would be transmitted through the use of the toilets there is going to be very unlikely. But some people might still be unsure about using the toilets.

Using Toilet Seat Sanitisers

There are several solutions available to help ensure that a public toilet would stay sanitary. There are those who use a paper seat cover, each time that they use the toilet, but that is not very practical or efficient.  The most efficient solution for this problem is to use a toilet seat sanitiser.

The presence of a toilet seat sanitiser in a public washroom is a great step towards reducing the chances that those using the toilet will catch anything harmful.

A toilet seat sanitiser is designed to be placed near the toilet paper dispenser. A simple push on a button and a small amount of sanitiser can be placed on a piece of toilet paper. The user can then wipe the toilet seat clean. This helps to ensure that your staff and visitors to your workplace will have a safe and comfortable experience.

Opt For Ease and Efficiency

Toilet Seat Sanitiser

The Alsco Seat Sanitiser ensures that surfaces in your washroom are clean and hygienic. This sanitiser kills 99.99% of most common germs and is proven to be effective against four main strains of bacteria.

Our seat sanitiser is mildly perfumed, quick drying and is safe to be used for most common surfaces including sinks, taps, walls, vanity areas, wiping down sanitary and waste bins and even for sanitising baby changing tables.

Our specially designed and patented pouch makes installation of the sanitiser a breeze. It is quick, simple and ensures there is no contamination during the process.

Improve the health and hygiene of your workplace by getting the easy to use and service, safe and highly efficient Alsco toilet seat sanitiser. Better yet, get the managed washroom service from Alsco, a trusted name in the market.


Image Courtesy: Pixabay