Greenroom has turned 200. Yes, your friendly, article-breathing buddy has turned 200 posts old. On this occasion, Alsco has chosen a few guides which Australian businesses such as yours have relied upon in their quest to make their workplace a better working environment.

Employee wellbeing is an amorphous, multi-faceted concept that is integral to every workplace. Even if you do not have the time or the resources to build and implement a comprehensive employee wellbeing program, there are several things you can do to show your employees that you value them. Do you know these?

These wide-ranging, informative resources will aid you in your journey towards a happier and safer workplace. To prevent staff absenteeism and disruptions to productivity, to have happy motivated employees, make these a part of your day-to-day life. 

And remember, Greenroom is always there to help your workplace become healthier, safer, greener.

Benefit from Wondrous Washrooms

Alsco Making Music in Your Washroom

Workplace Bathroom Etiquette: How it Keeps Your Workmates Happier and Safer
Do’s and do not’s for bathrooms? Yes, please! Pass this article around to your employees and spread the message.

Making Music in Your Washroom: 4 Key Notes
Do the washrooms at your workplace make you want to sing a few songs? Implement these easy ideas for a pitch perfect washroom.

Do You Smell The Sweet Smell of Success?
Eliminate foul odours from not just from washrooms but from everywhere in your office with this CFC-free technology.

The Pillars of Great Hand Hygiene

clean hands soap or sanitiser

5 Reasons Why You Need Hand Sanitisers in the Workplace
Hand hygiene is the gateway to health and wellbeing. Do hand sanitisers really live up to their promise? Discover right here. 

Hand Sanitisers or Hand Soap: The Debate Ends Here
Hand soaps or sanitisers? Who wins in the quest for better hand hygiene?

The Principles of Floor Safety Every Workplace Ought to Know


Floor Mats – 3 Reasons to NOT Buy Them!
Proper floor mat solutions can help reduce slips and trips, the cause of 28% of all workplace injuries. However, Alsco is convinced you do NOT need to buy mats. Find out why.

How to Choose the Right Entrance Floor Mat
Choosing the right entrance floor mat can be plain sailing. Here is how.

Top 6 Tips For Managing Wet Floors in Washrooms at Work
Slipping on a wet floor, while funny to watch in movies, is not so funny when it happens in real-life  to you or a colleague. Share this article with your housekeeping team for a safer workplace.

(Rapidly) Improve the Winter Safety in Your Workplace

Alsco Flu Hand Sanitiser

5 Tips For Greater Winter Safety In The Workplace
Does winter mean more illnesses and injuries that hamper your business? Here is how to make your workplace safer next winter.

A Simple Way To Keep the Dreaded Flu at Bay!
Do you associate the onset of winter with the arrival of the flu, the associated absenteeism and loss of productivity? Get the complete lowdown on this dreaded disease and how to keep it at bay.

Solving Your First Aid Compliance Conundrum

Alsco First Aid Compliance

Are You First Aid Compliant?
Wondering how compliant workplaces in your state or territory are to the requirements of the Work Health and Safety Act? Here is a quick recap.

Quick Guide to First Aid Compliance for Australian Workplaces
Having trouble understanding your first aid and safety compliance needs? This article is a quick and handy guide to first aid compliance for Australian businesses.

Quick First Aid Checklist for the Australian Workplace
Find out where your first aid processes and systems stand in relation to the requirements. We bet this checklist will help you do just that.

The Secret Behind Risk Assessment and Choosing First Aid Kits


Choosing the Correct First Aid Kit for Your Workplace (In 3 Easy Steps)
Looking for the first aid kit that is best suited to the requirements of your workplace. Alsco makes it as easy as 1-2-3, literally. 

The 5-Steps to Risk Assessment in the Australian Workplace
Risk assessment simplified. Follow our process and you will not have to think twice about how to do one, ever again!

A Gentle Reminder: Fire Safety – It’s IMPORTANT!

Alsco-Fire Safety Compliance

Is Your Workplace Fire Safety Compliant?
Confused by the multiplicity of laws, codes and standards or about information to be stored for fire safety compliance? The Alsco Online Administration Tool is just what you need.

Why Fire Warden Training Matters?
Not sure what a fire warden really does or how a managed fire warden training like that of Alsco’s adds value to your business? Find out right here.

Restaurant Fires: Top Tips to Keep Yours Safe
The single most common hazard in restaurants is fire. It could be dangerous to underestimate the damage it causes. Stay safe with these tips.

How Every Organisation Must Approach Safety Communication

Alsco Safety Communication

10 Ways to Improve Safety Communication in Your Workplace
Wish to build a culture of safety in your organisation? Enhancing your safety communication is essential. This article walks you through how to do just that.

What All Workplace Eye Safety Washes Down To

Alsco - Treating Eye Injuries

Your Guide to Treating Eye Injuries In the Workplace
Metal particle in your eye? or a splash of a chemical? Get your first aiders to familiarise themselves with this comprehensive guide to treating different types of eye injuries.

Why You Need an Eyewash Station in Your Workplace
Eyewash stations are a safety precaution that should never be overlooked. Find out why?

Revealed: The AED Ethics of Heart-Safe Workplaces

healthy heart workplace AED

AED: Does Your Workplace REALLY Need One?
Will your workplace benefit from an Automatic External Defibrillator? Which is the best way to make one available? Get your answers right here.

A Brief History of the Defibrillator and How It Saves Lives
Here is a brief history of the defibrillator – helping save human lives for nearly 70-years.

Saving Lives with Defibrillators
An inspiring, real-life story about the life-saving benefit of an AED installed in a workplace.

The Not-So-Surprising Ideas of Workplace Uniforms

Alsco Chef Whites

Work Uniforms or No Work Uniforms?
Why do uniforms make sense for businesses as well as for workers? Incase your employees have qualms about wearing them, use these ways to win them over.

Smart Uniforms: A Smart Business Idea
Protection from spills, fire, and heat are just some of the ways in which uniforms make sense for the food and beverage industry. Read this article to find out the other benefits.

Why Do Chefs Wear White? And More…
Ever wondered why chef’s wear white? Or how did the Toque Blanche or the neckerchief originate? This fun article delves into a bit of history.

Alsco, Your Workplace Wellbeing Partner and Guide

Remember Alsco is there to assist you at every step of your way and on each aspect as you work to make your workplace safer and better. Our brilliant, fully-managed solutions for employee safety are completely hassle-free and maintenance proof. 

Once you rent our first aid kits, sign on for our managed training programs, hire our floor safety solutions or protective uniforms for your workers you can completely forget about them. Alsco does everything else for you. It is no wonder that over 45,000 businesses across Australia trust Alsco.

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