Dark is the new light

Downloadable A4 Poster

Going green demands that everyone get on board with changing office procedures and habits. We know your team is working hard enough already, so we created these handy posters to remind you of simple green ideas. You can download them here and then print them. All you need is blu-tack, pushpins or glue.

Download PDF file (786 KB)

Other simple ways to ‘green your office’ include using green products such as floor mats made from recycled materials and continuous cloth towel for hand drying.

Continuous Towels

At Alsco, we understand that cloth towels are not only the greener option, they are the preferred option for their comfort and absorbency as well. The smartly designed Continuous Towel dispenser ensures a hygienic dry with every use without the risk of cross-contamination. Do not delay in getting these for your workplace too. Go the greener way today. What are you waiting for?


Image Courtesy: Dave Brown