WHS Round Up

It’s been an exciting year on the WHS front with multiple changes to legislation across most of Australia. There is now a standardised measure for safety (WHS) across Australia (except for WA and Victoria) and Alsco has reviewed their 4801 system to ensure every branch and all Alsco employees follow the safety system.

Despite the number of changes we have faced this year, there are a couple of genuine positives that have occurred in 2013:

  • Lost time injuries are down in numbers from 2012 which is a huge effort from everyone – WELL DONE AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
  • We are updating Safe Work Procedures (SWPs) to ensure they are relevant, clear and of maximum benefit to you in ensuring your safety at work.
  • Every branch Australia-wide has embraced the new legislation and is striving to provide the safest possible environment for all Alsco team members.
  • All branches have a clear Safety Plan for the year and next year 2014 will be even more exciting, with improvements for the branches for Safety.
  • Many branches have developed their own safety initiatives that go over and above the Company’s exceptionally high standards, demonstrating a real passion for safety at every level.
  • Participation in branch WHS Committees and meetings is at a record high.

When you think about it, our only aim in relation to WHS is to ensure you go home to your loved ones at the end of the day in the same condition as you left them. We are committed to ensuring everyone is safe, every day. It’s great to know our people are equally committed.

Remember to


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Image Courtesy: Rich Roberts