Great Holiday Home Rental – For Guests and Hosts

Regardless of whether you are enjoying a long break or a short one, spending your holiday with your loved one, family or friends in place which can be termed ‘a place like home’ is simply amazing. This is what MadeComfy is all about!

Alsco, known as the premier supplier of fully-managed economical linen rental services, is excited to share with you the journey of MadeComfy – they have been using Alsco’s linens and towels for quite some time now.

MadeComfy enable people to rent out their homes whilst they are away by promoting their homes on multiple online rental platforms and by offering turnkey services from listing & booking to key exchange & cleaning.

They also offer an automated digital concierge portal for guests with a special local touch enabling them to live like a true local.

The MadeComfy Journey

1. What sparked the idea for you to start Made Comfy?

Quirin: Sabrina and I discussed some business ideas for a while when both of us were looking for a career change.

Sabrina: We wanted to start something we were really passionate about.

Quirin: When I was travelling lots for work in 2014, I started to rent out my flat in Cremorne Point on Airbnb. However, I realised very quickly that without local support it was impossible to maximise the rental returns (e.g. have multiple bookings) and guest experience to achieve 5-star ratings (which enable you again to maximise your nightly rate and occupancy). I remember when I was over in a late meeting in Perth when the fuses went out in my flat and the guest tried to get hold of me.

Sabrina: That was after the TV broke the week before and the guests were really frustrated with you not being able to help as you were away! I tried to help Quirin, but with me having a full-on job I was not really able to help all the time, to do the check in’s, arrange the cleaning, answer emergency calls, etc. That was a point when you were thinking of not renting out at all.

Quirin: That was when the idea of MadeComfy was born.

Sabrina: I did some research on services that help you to host when you are not there. Airbnb, Flipkey or Stayz are great when you rent out a room or you have your parents living next door to help. But to have guests whilst you are on holiday or a work trip, there was nothing really helpful available. So we decided to found MadeComfy!

2. What are the top 3 things you do to have fun at work?

  • Celebrate success, it is so important to celebrate great achievements!
  • Enable ourselves and our staff to transform ideas into reality.
  • Meeting customers, there is nothing more rewarding to help them to be successful!

3. What’s the best compliment you got from a customer?

There has been so much positive feedback so far, from every customer we had. The best feedback was maybe from our first host in Paddington, she was super critical and very sceptical towards Airbnb and us.

They went for a honeymoon and were keen to recover some of their costs. They trusted us at the end and when they returned, she was over the moon, not only having the money already on her bank account but returning to a home that was cleaner and nicer than they had left.

Since then she has been one of the our best promoters and you can find her story on our website.

Eco Business Success

4. What green, sustainable practices do you do in your business?

We use sustainable amenities and are currently working on carbon neutral transport options for guests as a part of our concierge program.

5. How do you make things lighter or hassle-free when you manage your business?

We try to be paper free and have everything on our digital devices, starting from our inspection forms over to contracts.

Customer Satisfaction is the Primary Goal

6. What’s the best experience you have in the business so far?

Seeing the happy and thankful reaction of our customers!

7. What’s that one thing in your business venture that you’re really happy about?

We both love travelling, for us it is very fulfilling to enable our customers to go on holiday or have a better trip!

Alsco and MadeComfy Partnership

8. How does Alsco help your business?

Good quality and clean linen are essential for the service we provide. Alsco helps us by providing a product that always meets standards, is always on time and offer us flexible prices and minimum order quantities which is essential for a start-up business like ours.

9. Aside from the current services you’ve availed from Alsco, which Alsco service would you like to try? And why?

We also aim to have safe homes for our guests, we are planning to equip all the houses we manage with an Alsco First Aid Kit.

MadeComfy Logo

Alsco would like to thank Sabrina Bethunin of MadeComfy. With MadeComfy renting out your home whilst you are away is controlled, safe and secure.

For businesses that need high-quality bedroom and bathroom linen, contact Alsco – 1300 659 892! Our friendly representatives are waiting to serve you.

Photo courtesy: skeeze