Ecosafe Part of the Action

Alsco has an exciting partnership with one of Australia’s leading V8 Supercar teams, Brad Jones Racing (BJR). BJR is using the Ecosafe Parts Washer for the enormous job of cleaning the high tech alloys on their V8  vehicles.

When the BJR team saw the Ecosafe Parts Washer in action, they knew it was exactly what they needed. “They were looking for a better performing clean and healthier workplace for their people, which is exactly what the Ecosafe Parts Washer offers,” said Product Manager David Hiser.

The BJR team mechanic was concerned that through their regular cleaning process they were using too many solvents in confined spaces and wanted a product that would provide an exceptional clean without the health risks. “We offered BJR a tailor made cleaning solution perfect for high tech alloys,” said David. “Every time the team races they come back with several rims from the three cars run at each meet, so the cleaning requirements are huge. They’ve been using the Ecosafe Parts Washer for a few months now and are very happy with the environmentally responsible process, health benefits and end result.”

Jason Bright’s Compliment

As team driver Jason Bright explained, “In the high pressure world of V8 Supercars, we need products that can compete at the highest level. The Alsco Ecosafe Parts Washer offers the Brad Jones Racing team the highest performance clean without the associated health risks.”

The only V8 Supercar team to be based in a regional centre, in Albury NSW, BJR has one of the strongest pedigrees in Australian motorsport. With brothers Brad and Kim at the helm, BJR have won ten national titles in five different categories, in over 17 years of professional motorsport.

As part of this partnership, the Brad Jones Racing team offers free rides for V8 race customers as well as Alsco signage on their transportation trucks.

Alsco Ecosafe Washers

Alsco Ecosafe Washers are water based where oil and grease are transformed into water and carbon dioxide. Ideal for engine cleaning and industrial parts washing, the Ecosafe Washers provide an environmentally friendly alternative: no harmful chemicals, no fumes, non toxic, non flammable, no waste disposal and no health concerns. Available through a fully managed rental program, you can enjoy a free 2 week trial of the Alsco Ecosafe Parts Washer and discover the benefits for yourself. Watch the video demonstration of the Alsco car parts cleaner here.

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