An eco-friendly workplace is one filled with employees who are aware of their social responsibility. There are no acts that are too small when it comes to caring for the environment.

We now know that everyone has to pitch in when it comes saving the planet. Knowing a few ideas that can enhance a workplace’s ability to become green would not hurt at all.

Here are ten tips that can be used in your office or shop. Follow these simple tips to make your workspace more environmentally friendly:

1.   The Three Rs


One of the biggest environmental problems facing the world today is that of waste management. There’s just too much trash being produced and it’s not enough that we throw our waste in the trashcan.

It’s not like garbage would disintegrate when it hits the bottom of the trash container. Properly disposed garbage still has to taken to a landfill, an incinerator, or to some other place where it can be processed. In other words, trash is still an environmental problem no matter how you get rid of it.

So what can you do about the waste in your workplace? It’s not really possible for you to stop making waste, but there are ways that you can control it. This is where the three R’s come in and those are to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

The first stop is to reduce the amount of waste being produced in your workplace. There are many ways of doing this. After you have done this, check the waste and pick the ones that can be reused or recycled. By keeping the three R’s in mind, the volume of trash coming out of your workplace should go down significantly.

2.   Go Green When Cleaning

Did you know that cleaning products are some of the most harmful chemicals that many  people will be exposed to in their lives?  Most cleaning products contain toxins, so saying they can be harmful is not an exaggeration. If those chemicals are harmful to humans, you can bet that they can cause harm to the environment as well.

The problem is that your workplace would still have to be cleaned. So what is the best solution to this problem? It is to go green when cleaning.

There are many green cleaning products that are now available in the market. If you have hired a cleaning service for your office, you can ask them to only use green cleaning products or those that do not contain any harsh chemicals.

There are some who are hesitant to use environmentally cleaning products because they are afraid that it’s costlier than the regular products. However, remember that these chemicals pay for themselves by not harming our environment and are, therefore, more cost-effective in the long run.

3.   Consider the Telecommuting and Alternative Transportation Options

Not all workplaces would be able to use telecommuting; some businesses and offices would really need its employees to come in and work. But if the employees in your workplace can perform their work while staying at home, then you should give them the option to telecommute.

Why is telecommuting an eco-friendly option? Think of all the resources that can be conserved even just by a single person who does not have to travel in order to work. This can help in conserving our fast depleting resources and in fighting pollution.

We have already mentioned that not all workplaces can benefit from telecommuting. Most will still require their people to come to work. If that is the case with your own workplace, then you should encourage workers to try alternative modes of transportation.

There are several alternative modes of transportation that employees can try out. There is carpooling for example. For those located in large urban areas, public transport is also an excellent option. Biking and walking are also good choices for those who do not have to travel long distances, with the additional advantage that it can be beneficial to one’s health.

4. Rent Uniforms

Alsco Workwear

If your business requires that employees use uniforms, then renting those out instead of buying would be an eco-friendly option. Rented uniforms are washed and repaired professionally and because of that they last longer. Having uniforms that last longer is one way of conserving resources and taking care of the environment.

Consider getting Alsco’s workwear service that provides uniforms to businesses and companies.

5.   A Paperless Office

An ordinary office uses up a ton of paper regularly and while some paper can be recycled, paper waste still makes up a significant part of the total garbage amount produced. This is why you should aim to have a paperless workplace.

A totally paperless office is still not really achievable. Some things still need to be written down on paper. Some files and documents, for example, need to be on paper. This does not mean that it is pointless to try and cut down the amount of paper waste. The files and documents that can be kept as digital copies should be kept that way and paper should only be used when you really have to.

6.   Go Refillable

Highlighter pens, whiteboard markers, and correction tape are just some of the office stationery which have refillable options. You can extend the life of the outer casing of these products by buying refills or cartridges instead of getting new ones.

7.   Eco-Friendly Printing

We have mentioned earlier how some offices cannot go completely paperless. Most offices work this way because they still deal with printed documents. That does not mean that an office should go out and churn truckloads of paper waste.

There are ways that printing and copying can become more environmentally friendly. Double-sided printing for example, is an excellent way to reduce paper usage. Use scrap paper for notes and shredded paper as packing refill. You can also save on ink by putting printers and copiers on the right settings.

8.   Don’t Use Disposable Cups

Cut down on the use of disposable cups in your workplace. It might not seem too much, but disposable cups used for coffee and other beverage can add to the waste produced by a workplace. Employees should bring their own mugs to work or better yet, they should be given an “official” work mug that they can use.

9.   Use Electricity Smartly

A workplace uses up electricity on a constant basis. Sometimes, even when there is no one working, it is still using up electricity. Turn off all lights and equipment that does not have to be left on after the work is done. Check monitors to make sure that they are set to their most efficient power setting.  Only use energy efficient lighting in the office.

10.   Environmentally Friendly Office Supplies

There are eco-friendly office supplies now and you should get them for your workplace. Some might hesitate to switch to eco-friendly office supplies because they would cost more, but in reality they are only 5% more expensive than the ordinary. That’s not too much to pay for the environment is it?

These are the top eco-friendly tips for Australian workplaces. If you’re still using old-style uniforms in your workplace, check out the uniform service options offered by Alsco that can help your business to become more environmentally friendly.


Image Courtesy: Pixabay