I love the challenge of opening people’s minds to health and safety concepts.

Tell Us About Your Job

As a Health and Safety Coordinator (Alsco Perth WA) I am responsible for the management of any workplace injuries and workers compensation claims, as well as hazard identification and control.

This is done through a variety of processes, including:

  • Risk assessments
  • Audits
  • Unsafe condition reports
  • Observations

I am also responsible for inducting new staff, training on safety procedures and the development of SWP’s and JSA’s.

What Does a Typical Day Involve?

The majority of my day is spent managing any injuries or Workers Compensation claims. This means attending doctors’ appointments, constructing Return to Work plans and speaking with various medical professionals.

I also conduct risk assessments, safety audits and complete hazard reports. Often throughout the day I will receive hazard reports from different areas of the branch. I will then investigate the hazard, speak to the people directly involved and identify control measures to be put into place.

No day is ever entirely planned out in health and safety, as hazards and injuries may arise at any time.

What Part of your Job do you Enjoy Most?

I love the challenge of opening people’s minds to health and safety concepts, and the satisfaction of seeing others getting positively involved in making their work areas safer. It is nice to see people brainstorming and actively contributing to problem solving.

Is There anything You Find Challenging?

Health and safety is a relatively new concept for many people, and sometimes it can mean a big change for those who have done a job one way for many years.

It can occasionally be difficult to get people positively involved in workplace changes, but ultimately satisfying to know that they are safer because of this.

What Is The Most Interesting Thing About Your Job?

I never quite know what the day will have in store for me. I have the opportunity to work in different areas with a wide range of people, and am learning new things constantly. It is really interesting to work alongside someone who has done a job for years, and see things through their eyes.

Who Do You Typically Work Closely With?

Within the company I work very closely with department Managers and Supervisors, to ensure they are fully involved in the return to work process with their employees.

I also work with a range of people outside Alsco, including:

  • Medical professionals
  • Injury consultants
  • Insurance case managers

Who Has Been The Most Inspirational Person You Have Worked With?

The most inspirational person I have ever worked with is definitely my father. I worked with him before coming to Alsco, and he was the one who got me interested in the health and safety sector.

My dad was always fighting to make the workplace a safer environment, and wasn’t afraid of making his voice heard. I owe my enthusiasm to him!

How Long Have You Worked At Alsco?

I have been with Alsco for almost two years now, and spent the entire time in the OHS Coordinator position. I have tried to spend some time working in each department to better understand their roles and the potential hazards involved.

Where Were You Born?

I was born and raised in Mount Maunganui in the north Island of New Zealand, but moved to country Victoria during high school. Despite having lived in Australia for 10 years I am still very much a Kiwi at heart!

Tell Me About Your Family

I come from a large family, with a lot of brothers and sisters!

We are all fairly spread out now, living in New Zealand, Australia and London.  Even though we are all in different time zones, I still make an effort to call them as often as I can.

What Do You Like To Do In Your Spare Time?

Anything fun I can find! Markets, festivals, art galleries or just a cold beer on the beach. I also spend a lot of time painting and sketching.

Where Do You Go For Holidays?

My partner and I have recently travelled to Thailand and Bali. We are keen to do more overseas travel, mainly in America and Europe. Although my family would be stoked if there was a New Zealand trip thrown in there too!

What Are Your Future Plans?

I plan to complete a Diploma of Work Health and Safety, and gain more experience in Injury Rehabilitation.

Lucy (and her colleagues) would love to help you with your OHS requirement. For any OHS related requirements, first aid kits requirement, call Alsco today! Lucy is waiting to assist you.