What Standards Does Your First Aid Kit Meet?

A properly designed and equipped first aid kit is designed to bring relief to injured people in an emergency. A well maintained and stocked kit could end up saving a life. Therefore, a first aid kit  not only provides peace of mind to a business owner it has, in fact, become mandatory.

Having a compliant kit in every workplace is essential for the safety of you and your colleagues. It also takes away the risk of legal action and fines in case you fail to properly respond to an inevitable workplace emergency.

What Standard Does Your First Aid Kit Need To Comply With?

Safe Work Australia published a Model Code of Practice about First Aid in the Workplace in July 2012. This Model Code of Practice (and its subsequent revision in March 2015) makes it mandatory to provide adequate first aid facilities in the workplace.

The Code also has details of the contents of a general first aid kit which would suffice for most workplaces.

For most workplaces, a first aid kit should include the following items:



Instructions for providing first aid – including Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) flow chart 1
Notebook and pen 1
Resuscitation face mask or face shield 1
Disposable nitrile examination gloves 5 pairs
Gauze pieces 7.5 x 7.5 cm, sterile (3 per pack) 5 packs
Saline (15 ml) 8
Wound cleaning wipe (single 1% Cetrimide BP) 10
Adhesive dressing strips – plastic or fabric (packet of 50) 1
Splinter probes (single use, disposable) 10
Tweezers/forceps 1 Antiseptic liquid/spray (50 ml) 1
Non-adherent wound dressing/pad 5 x 5 cm (small) 6
Non-adherent wound dressing/pad 7.5 x 10 cm (medium) 3
Non-adherent wound dressing/pad 10 x 10 cm (large) 1
Conforming cotton bandage, 5 cm width 3
Conforming cotton bandage, 7.5 cm width 3
Crepe bandage 10 cm (for serious bleeding and pressure application) 1
Scissors 1
Non-stretch, hypoallergenic adhesive tape – 2.5 cm wide roll 1
Safety pins (packet of 6) 1
BPC wound dressings No. 14, medium 1
BPC wound dressings No. 15, large 1
Dressing – Combine Pad 9 x 20 cm 1
Plastic bags – clip seal 1
Triangular bandage (calico or cotton minimum width 90 cm) 2
Emergency rescue blanket (for shock or hypothermia) 1
Eye pad (single use) 4
Access to 20 minutes of clean running water or (if this is not available) hydro gel (3.5 gm sachets) 5
Instant ice pack (e.g. for treatment of soft tissue injuries and some stings) 1


Your workplace can then customise each first aid kit and add additional items or more quantities of existing items depending upon its specific requirements.If you run a restaurant, it would be prudent to keep more supplies to deal with a burn injury. If you are the manager of an old age home or child care centre, do keep age appropriate supplies.

It is important to remember that this table lists the basic supplies which every workplace first aid kit should contain in order to comply with standards.

Of course, if you take advantage of a managed first aid kit service such as that of Alsco, you are sure to get a first aid kit that complies with WHS standards. In fact, our unique electronic tracking system complemented with our regular service and restocking ensures that your kit (and your workplace) are compliant not just on day one but day after day.

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Disclaimer – These articles are provided to supply general health, safety, and green information to people responsible for the same in their organisation. The articles are general in nature and do not substitute for legal and/or professional advice. We always suggest that organisations obtain information specific to their needs.