Sometimes we need a bit of encouragement to continue striving for our green goals. In those times the right words can make a big difference … so we’ve created a range of Green posters to remind and motivate.

Simply download, print and hang the size that suits you best – A4 or A3 – and continue on your green path.

Download A4 Poster [PDF 2 MB]

Download A3 Poster [PDF 1.6 MB]


Continuous Towels

Thorough and hygienic hand drying has been shown to be as important to hand cleanliness as the actual washing. Cloth towel dispensers provide unparalleled hygiene for hand drying thanks to the separate chambers for new and used towel they utilise. Cloth towel also offers environmental benefits as there’s no waste product or need for electricity. Fresh & Clean offer a managed rental service that ensures your continuous cloth towel dispensers are always ready for action with fresh, hygienic, absorbent cloth towel.


Image courtesy: Wikipedia