We all get a little forgetful from time to time … which is why we’ve created a range of posters to remind you of the simple things you can do to save energy and contribute to a greener workplace.

Download and print one of our Good Energy Saving Habits posters in whichever size bests suits you – A4 or A3 – and never forget to switch off again!

Download A4 Poster [PDF 246 KB]

Download A3 Poster [PDF 279 KB]

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Cloth Towel Dispensers

Research shows that most people prefer to dry their hands using cloth towels. Continuous cloth towel also offers significant environmental benefits: it has the lowest environmental impact of available hand drying systems. Hygienic hand drying is an important step to clean hands.

Fresh & Clean can provide your premises with a fully managed cloth towel dispenser rental program, tailored to your individual requirements.

Image courtesy: Chris Phan