It’s no secret that floor mats are a great way to protect floors from wear and tear, and also to protect staff and customers from the risks of trips and slips. They can also be used to communicate a variety of messages to customers or employees, or simply to grow your brand.

The right mat can prevent fatigue in employees who are on their feet for long periods. However, not all mats are created equal.

Know The Right Mat

The wrong mat can actually create a trip hazard instead of preventing trips. The corners can curl, or the mat can wear unevenly creating holes and loose threads for feet to become caught in.

Alsco’s Evolution Mat enjoys a number of advantages

  • Ripple free
  • Thicker pile
  • Premium quality and holds colour better
  • Made from recycled materials so also good for the environment

The most difficult thing can be knowing which type of mat best suits your purposes – the range features non slip mats, anti fatigue mats, welcome mats, logo mats and more.

Talking to the experts is probably your best bet to ensure your needs are met.

Alsco’s Evolution Mat

Alsco’s Evolution Mat is available through a fully serviced program so you can count on always having clean, immaculately presented floor mats that are ideal for your workplace. Our revolutionary Evolution Mats are made from recycled eco-friendly materials.

Talk to an Expert!  Give us a call to find out all the details. Our representatives are waiting for your call.