There’ll be no more excuses for forgetting to turn appliances off with these great posters. Download and print the size that suits you best – A4 or A3 – and remind yourself (and your colleagues) of the simple ways you can save energy every day.

Download A4 Poster [PDF 254 KB]

Download A3 Poster [PDF 279 KB]

Alsco Continuous Towel

The Continuous Cloth Towel also offers important benefits with less impact in the environment. Use cotton towels which are an environmentally friendlier option than paper. Cloth towels also offer significant environmental benefits, with less than half the environmental impact of paper towels, using up to 63% less energy, and creating 48% less greenhouse gases and up to 79% less waste.

See it in action, contact Alsco! Let’s start making our environment greener.


Image Courtesy:  functoruser