We all know that we need to work for a living. Unfortunately, for many people, work itself can be a big strain on their, well – living.

Just think about the deadlines, all the stress, or even maybe a tough boss or two.

All that doesn’t even begin to include the torment of commuting.

It’s hardly surprising that all of these lead to bad back and neck pains among other health problems.

Sure, office work has its benefits. Paycheck is stable, you often have many cool friends to spend the day with, and many offices have a lot of perks that make the grind worth it.

Here are 7 ideas that you can encourage and even participate in yourself to make your workplace a healthier and happier place. Everyone in your company will benefit from them. It pays to keep your employees’ health in the forefront.

1. Encourage Bring-Your-Own Lunches

Preparing healthy lunch in a lunch box

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Frequently, a very busy employee really has no time to think too much about what to eat and whether or not their meal is healthy. That’s why many turn to fast food for ease and convenience—which is decidedly unhealthy.

Encouraging employees to prepare their own meals encourages a healthier diet. Consequently, their health improves.

Additionally, it lowers the stress of having to go out to buy a meal in the middle of a busy day and leaves more time for a rush-free meal.

2. Stock Up on Healthy Snacks

Yogurt with berries for snack

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Another visit to the pantry, because why not? Nothing helps keep the stress away than a snack or two. And stress is a real health hazard.

More often than not, this is a bar of chocolate or a bag of crisps. Neither one is particularly good for the body.

Stock that pantry with a bag of almonds, some fruits, or maybe even come celery with some tasty dip.

Even those who might not appreciate these types of healthier snacks will find appeal in the fact that they’re totally free.

3. Light Up Their Lives

Big office utilising natural light

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Encourage greater use of natural lighting. Whether it’s by installing full walls of windows up to installing skylights, a little natural light goes a long way towards improving your employees’ well-being and health.

Of course, make sure you account for possible glare and maybe a change of indoor temperature. You really need to balance things out to best meet your employees’ health needs without hurting their comfort.

4. Give Gym Benefits

People exercising at the gym

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If you offer it (for free) people will be more likely to go to a gym. After all, many are those who want to exercise, but few are those willing to invest time and money into it. Of course, offered gym memberships are out of the office, which is why people won’t always take advantage of it.

That’s why it’s also a great idea to host events in-office. Thursday Zumba Nights, Friday Dancefests—all these things have their associated health benefits, and up the fun factor.

5. Have Walking Meetings

Corporate individuals walking for business purposes

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This is perfect for smaller meetings and companies close to a park or a beach. Not only is this a great change of pace for your employees, but it also allows them to stretch their legs.

The change of environment also encourages creativity and greater openness. It draws people away from the restrictive, entirely professional confines of the office spaces.

Be very cautious about having these sorts of meetings with bigger groups, though. They are harder to manage and meetings may end up being unproductive.

6. Create Varied Work Zones

Sit and stand workstation

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Sitting all day is never a good thing. It’s what’s causing all the back strain mentioned in the introduction. It also hurts your heart, blood flow and the entire cardiovascular system.

That’s why it’s best to provide varied work areas that allow your employees different options.

A standing-room-only loft lets them ease the strain on their backs. A pod and couch area allows them to loosen up a little and take a breather. You might think that this will encourage laziness, but it actually promotes freedom of work movement.

7. Invest in a Cleaner Office

Clean and colourful office

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Lastly, cleanliness and hygiene are among the best ways that you can keep the workplace healthy. That’s especially true for your office washrooms. With Alsco’s Fresh and Clean line, you have the perfect option for washroom sanitation.

Our Odour Control System dispenses subtle fragrances, in regular intervals, that keep things smelling fresh. It also involves a comprehensive hand care programme which can be customised to your office’s specific needs.

Pair this up with safety and first aid options and you’re sure to keep your employees well and healthy.

At Alsco, we’re committed to helping you meet your employees’ many needs. From uniforms and safety equipment to industrial rentals and more, Alsco has been providing Australian businesses with quality services to help improve their workplaces and their employees’ lives.

Alsco services are centred around the health and well-being. To a degree, this is achieved by sanitation products for the most sensitive areas of your office space. To that end, contact us for plans and products that we can customise specifically for your needs.

Call us today and let’s get your workplace health and in good shape.

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