When things get hectic and busy in the workspace, people tend to turn to snacks as a quick and easy relief. Usually, it means bag of crisps, or bars of chocolate, or a whole lot of other snacks that aren’t healthy at all.

While these kinds of snacks tend to taste great they are everything but great for your employees. For one thing, they represent calories that can’t be reasonably burned through the day. For another thing, they also come with loads of sugar that can be dangerous in large doses.

A better option to go for is a well stocked pantry filled with healthy snacks. Not many people understand that healthy snacks can be just as tasty as the unhealthy ones. It’s simply a matter of habit.

Still, habits die hard and even as you read this, we’re sure that you’re somewhat hesitant to give up the snacks that you love.

So, are healthy snacks still worth investing in? Can these healthy snacks turn your office into a healthy workplace for your employees?

Here are 3 reasons why we believe they absolutely are worth it.

1. Healthy snacks result in sustainable energy levels

Many studies showed that food influences person’s cognitive performance. Whether or not this is positive or negative depends entirely on the type of food you consume.

Foods high in sugar and carbohydrates tend to provide a quick shot of energy that burns out rather quickly. That’s why those who love candy bars and crisps tend to be hyper before crashing badly somewhere around the afternoon. Obviously, this kind of lethargy isn’t going to be good for productivity.

A platter of oranges and bananas versus a bucket of candies and chocolates

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Healthy snacks are, more often than not, created with the perfect balance of nutrients—enough to give you the energy to sustain you through the rest of the day with the little risk of burnout or crashing because the burn of these nutrients is far more balanced.

Because of these, you can expect your employees to be more focused on their work and be capable of sustaining their work drive for much longer than they would snacking on those unhealthy snacks.

2. Healthy snacks improve everyone’s moods

In addition to the work drive, unhealthy snacks can negatively affect the mood of your employees. It’s perfectly understandable. When you crash, you experience a drastic shift from happy and up to down and out.

A problem with this is that these mood swings affect everybody in the office. When you crash and feel all lethargic and sad, you dump everybody’s mood.

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Healthy snacks, as mentioned before, lead to higher energy levels. This, obviously, engenders positive emotions in people which can affect those around them as well.
This cascading effect is what you go for because good vibes all around equate to increased performance and an environment that’s conducive to better work conditions. All it takes is to motivate one person in order for others to follow the trend.

3. Healthy snacks make for opportunities for better bonding

Starting a healthy snack drive in the office is an opportunity for your company to host something social and educational for everyone.

An excellent activity is to organise a tasting session. Do your research and find a couple of easy and healthy snack recipes. Serve them all to your employees for the tasting. Also, put an info sheet above each snack. It should contain the recipe itself and the list of benefits that snack offers.

Healthy and easy to prepare snacks

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Not only does this get them interested, it allows you to figure out which healthy snacks are popular and which ones don’t really “sell” too well.

The best part is that these kinds of setups can extend beyond the activity itself. Creating a full blown information campaign with posters about the office can reinforce the benefits and entice people to be supportive of the campaign.

Encourage people to hand in suggestions and recipes to get a firm grasp on their tastes and preferences. Make this activity a monthly thing in order to keep the hype up and going.

Complement the campaign with overall employee safety

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