Organization in the workspaces is something we all honestly want. Actually doing something to clean up your own work desk is a different matter altogether.

The truth is that isn’t a matter of being innately clean and organised. Sometimes, it’s a matter of things getting too hectic that we set aside organisation for expediency. After all, when the deadlines loom and the workload is heavy, is there any real compelling reason to bother about work desk cleanliness?

Apparently, there are in fact 4 really great reasons why work desk cleanliness should be your priority. So much so that it’s the very first concern that you need to attend the second you get into the office—before anything and everything else.

1. A clean desk helps you relieve the stress of the work day

If you have ever tried to work on a cluttered desk, you know how annoying it can be. After all, your state of mind, in a sense, is reflected by the clutter around you. Imagine if there was one particular thing—like a pen, a file, a printed document, an invoice—that you needed to find in a jiffy. Having everything scattered about makes it harder to find. You literally have to trawl through everything to find what you need.

On the other hand, if you set everything about neatly and in proper places, you lower the amount of effort needed to find these important things. That means less stress for you.

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More than that, organisation also leads to visual synergy—your eyes aren’t jarred or easily distracted by disorder. This helps you stay calm and cool no matter how stressful and overloaded your work day might actually be.

2. A clean desk gives off a great first impression

Ever heard the saying that first impressions last? It is usually used in the context of dating or meeting other people for the first time. However, it is very applicable to your office life, as well.

When a client or your boss walks about and sees the clutter and mess on your desk, it doesn’t present a very good image of you and your work.  It doesn’t matter how hard you actually work, a cluttered desk tells others that you’re messy internally.

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The opposite is true too. When you are organised when it comes to your work desk, it gives the impression of control, dependability, trustworthiness, and organisation.

Naturally, it helps if you actually posses all these qualities, but the impression is equally important whether you’re angling for a promotion or helping your office close a great deal. So, take the time to fix up. If not for your own sake, at least for the rest of your company.

3. A clean desk inspires others

Be the one to set the bar for the proper desk organisation in your office. If your desk is cluttered and messy, it sends the message to other people that that kind of behaviour is a-ok.

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People might not even notice their own negligence until their own desks start filling up with clutter too. This is an even bigger problem if this starts happening to a manager. It sets a bad example which—if built upon by the people under you—will have terrible consequences.

When you set the example of a clean desk, you also inspire other people to do the same. While it’s mostly psychological, you end up brightening up your workspace a great deal. And when everyone’s desks are clean too, it has a very pleasant appearance and a positive effect on the overall office morale.

4. A clean desk is healthier

Anything that’s cluttered creates nooks and crannies where dust and dirt can collect unnoticed. And if there’s one thing you need to know about dust and dirt is – it can have really bad effects on one’s health.

While this is especially true for those with asthma or allergies, they can be just as bad for those who don’t. Some particularly nasty effects include sore throats, runny noses, and itchy eyes.

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When those things hit a person, it makes it very hard to focus on work. Productivity can suffer badly from something as “innocent” as a dirty desk. When things are neatly organised and set in their proper places, cleaning becomes an easy task. That’s because you eliminate any hidden places and spaces where dust and debris find their hideouts. Additionally, keeping things organised lets you easily see what’s clean and what’s not.

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