There is more to the customer experience than what simply meets the eye. It may not seem like it but a person’s sense of smell also plays a great role when it comes to making decisions such – including purchases.

This is the reason why the number of businesses using ambient scenting for their brand continues to grow these days. They’ve discovered how many opportunities this innovative technique attracts.

Companies now use ambient scenting to create a strong brand image and stand out from the competition. It has become popular among brands as a way to make an impression and build connections with customers.

What exactly can ambient scenting achieve for a business?

Ambient scenting works in many ways. It has been proven to boost business success. How? Ambient scenting can:

  • Make a positive impression on the customers

Also known as scent marketing, ambient scenting can help your business create a sensory experience for your customers. This experience is what’s going to help them decide on their impression towards your business.

This scent-inspired experience lasts longer than the time your customer spent in your facilities. They take the smell and the feeling with them, which prolongs the impact of this strategy.

  • Increase employees’ productivity

Did you know that the peppermint and citrus scents can invigorate your staff and improve their alertness? Pleasing scents can help improve employees’ productivity and morale while reducing their stress levels significantly.

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  • Improve air quality in your business premises

Any space can become a breeding ground for common viruses that cause colds and coughs. Providing quality air through scenting can be of great help in alleviating these health risks.

Sсеntіng a commercial space improves air quality and creates a more pleasant environment for your customers and an efficient workforce for your staff.

  • Lift your customer’s mood

Permeating your space with relaxing and calming scents like vanilla or lavender can quickly improve your customer’s mood upon entering your premises.

In a dental clinic with nervous patients waiting for their turn in the lobby, the scent of vanilla can help calm the patients’ nerves and help them relax.

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  • Increase sales

The use of pleasant scents can encourage the customer’s buying behaviour. This is exactly why more and more businesses are starting to use this method. Scent completes the customer’s sensory experience while shopping and creates a lasting brand image for the business.

While each customer will have different interpretations of the scent, it will always leave positive impressions and will most likely influence their decision to purchase.

  • Get rid of malodors

Odour remediation is also a concern businesses can solve with the use of scenting. Unpleasant smells are unappealing to customers and you don’t want any of them smelling bad odours inside your shop, restaurant, or office.

Ambient scenting is effective in cancelling our malodors that might turn off and send the wrong message to customers and worst of all, create a negative experience they will never forget.

  • Up your marketing efforts

Ambient scenting can create a one-of-a-kind sensory experience by planting a pleasant aroma deeply into your customer’s mind. That’s how scent marketing works – smell gets associated with your brand, so your customer remembers you every time they feel the smell.

Is ambient scenting for everybody?

The good news is, not only restaurants or hotels can use scents for their marketing strategies. Even industrial buildings, offices, supermarkets, airports, and banks are now more aware of how powerful ambient scenting can be when it comes to influencing their customers’ behaviour towards their businesses.

Car dealerships and car rental services can leverage the intoxicating aroma of leather in their businesses because the scent could remind customers about the prestige of a particular car brand.

Even businesses in the retail industry can benefit from ambient scenting. For example, a store that emanates a warm scent of chocolate will make customers want to linger inside because of the cosy feel brought to them by the scent.

Pleasant scents do not only entice people to come in and stay longer, it also makes them want to come back to experience that warm, cosy feeling again.

Ambient scenting also works wonders for assisted living communities for the elderly. Elderly people, particularly those with Alzheimer’s Disease, are often restless and easily agitated.

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Scenting the facilities with calming and soothing scents such as chamomile and lavender will help promote better sleep and reduce stress.

Which scent is right for your business?

It’s been scientifically proven that the sense of smell is the most evocative because of its direct link to people’s memories.

Are you looking to enhance your customer’s experience during their stay? Or aiming to reduce the levels of stress within your workforce? We have a fragrance for everything!

Fresh and Clean is more than willing to help you find a scent that perfectly suits your business — one that aligns with your brand’s message and vision.

Call us today and we’ll help you create a signature scent for your business that will set the right mood and create a positive impression on your customers.

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