When deciding to run your own business, you have to think about many details. Those details can often be crucial when dealing with customers.

Not only that your customers will grade your services or products, but they will certainly notice the way your office is decorated, whether the lobby is pleasant and comfortable or not, even the condition of your washrooms.

Now, you have a choice – to invest just in some bigger areas and the most visible ones, or to spend a bit more and pay attention to all the details, especially the washroom? The second option is definitely more advisable.

You may wonder why the washroom is of particular importance. Well, it is just because you show your customers way more than you think. When the washroom area is clean, sanitised and well-equipped, the customers become aware how much you really invest in your business.

That will prove them you take seriously every detail which is in any way related to your business and dealing with customers.

Although it looks like a very simple and easy job to do, cleaning and keeping the washroom in a perfect condition can be surprisingly challenging. If you do not have enough time, or you want to dedicate that time to another business area, you should consider hiring a professional service to keep the washroom spotless. Whatever you decide, do NOT neglect your washroom!

After you take care of maintaining the washroom, you can then pay attention to all the details which are used there. Believe it or not, these details can ruin or enhance your business. So, choosing the best soap dispensers, hand sanitisers, and even toilet paper can make a huge difference.

Yes, the choice of toilet paper says a lot more about your business than you could ever imagine! It can give your customers some crucial additional information about the way you are running your business.

If you are still not convinced, here are three great reasons to be more careful when choosing the type of toilet paper you will put in your washroom.

1. You Care about Your Customers

Many people think there is just one type of toilet paper. However, there are many varieties of paper both for home and commercial use. Depending on the number of layers, softness and the material, you can choose which one suits your needs best. Of course, there are also those which are produced in many different colours and patterns. You can print even your company’s logo on it!

Photo courtesy from Pixabay by Free-Photos

When you invest in details such as toilet paper, it reflects on your business brand image. After using the washroom, your customers will be amazed by the care and attention they get. This indicates how much you value them. Finally, the level of comfortability you offer will become part of the overall picture of how you treat your customers.

2. You Pay Attention to Details

When running a business, it is somehow natural that you think of the best possible ways to make all the areas of your business space welcoming, pleasant and comfortable. Thinking about the best ceramics for your washrooms is great, but thinking about providing the best quality and luxurious toilet paper for your customers is outstanding!

A person who is so thorough in running a business, that even thinks about the toilet paper customers use in the washroom, is someone you can trust. Someone who is reliable. If you carefully choose such details and spend time and money on them, it shows you are very detailed also in any other area of your business. Great benefits, wouldn’t you agree?

3. You Are a Great Manager

When your customers see that you are ready to invest in a good quality toilet paper, they realise you unquestionably take care of your business at all possible levels. Yes, this shows you are a great manager!

You may wonder how the choice of toilet paper can tell people anything about you as a manager?

Firstly, your customers use your washrooms for free and keeping it spotless and well-equipped shows that you even pay attention to details which you don’t charge. Also, when they see that the washroom is in a perfect condition, it can be clear that you choose the best people to be your employees and that you’re delegating and organisational skills are remarkable.

After reading this, it really seems that investing in the washroom maintenance and details actually pays off. Sometimes you spend a bit more than you planned, but get much more benefits than you could ever imagine!

If you have decided you want the best possible service and supplies for your washroom, call Alsco now! Our friendly and helpful representatives will willingly answer all your questions and find the best possible offer for your business!

Photo courtesy from Wikimedia by Elya