Running an eco-friendly business has become more and more popular each day. It is always good to see that the number of people caring about the environment is getting bigger, right? However, that number would be even greater if people do not think that making their business more eco-friendly is an extremely difficult and complex activity.

Well, good news is that, actually, it does not have to be! Yes, it is familiar that running any type of business consists of serious, demanding and time consuming steps and tasks.

Running a hotel business can be especially tricky of course! You have to think about all the details related to the design, hiring professional staff and providing the best possible service. Even the washroom details are huge subject of interest for you here! But, doing all these activities in a more environmentally-friendly way does not require introducing some ground changes!

What you have to do for a start is to implement small and easy steps which will eventually take you to your goal! Just keep reading and learn about the simplest ways to make your hotel more green! As simple as that!

Educate the Staff

Your clients and guests first meet the staff when they enter your hotel, right? So, maybe this is a good sign for you to start with the staff too!

All you need to do here is to educate and train your staff to behave in a more eco-friendly way while doing their jobs. This does not demand some serious, long training session at the beginning. It is enough to get them familiar with some basic green behaviour, such as:

  • Turn off the lights in the rooms which are not occupied
  • Turn down the heating and air conditioning in unoccupied rooms and areas
  • Check for leaking toilets, showers and faucets regularly
  • Turn off unnecessary or currently not used electrical equipment

It cannot be simpler than that, wouldn’t you agree?

Save Energy

When someone mentions ‘going green’ and ‘energy saving’ in one sentence, people usually think of a big investment, such as using solar panels for powering the hotel. However, implementing some minor changes will do a great job for a start:

  • replace the bulbs with LED lights since they consume less power
  • use more natural light
  • use motion sensors in your bathrooms so the lights don’t need to be kept on all day/night
  • schedule an energy audit who can help you be more efficient

Get Rid of Disposables

Ditching all disposables you can will make an enormous step in being more eco-friendly! The easiest and simplest way to do this is to replace all plastic and paper cups which are used for coffee and drinks with reusable mugs and glasses.

Taking a break with a cup of coffee

Photo courtesy of Freepik Images by katemangostar

One small step for you, big for the environment! So easy, right?

Provide Eco-Friendly Activities for Your Guests

Why wouldn’t you let your clients and guests help you with the ‘Going Green” action?

Provide bicycles for rental. Offer your guests walking routes. Just think how much would you do for the environment if your guests reduce the use of cars. At least while they are staying at your hotel! And what is the best of all, you are actually doing something good for your guests’ health as well! They will certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Use Green Cleaning Products

You can do miracles for the environment if you just buy different cleaning products. Green ones, of course! Keeping the areas clean and spotless is extremely important for running hotel business. It has a massive impact on your overall business image.

Areas which are crucial are the washrooms! They always have to be perfectly sanitised and maintained regularly. The amount of products necessary for doing this activity in an appropriate way is extremely big. So, for a moment think about the benefits you provide for our planet if you replace all the detergents and regular cleaning products which are full of toxic chemicals with eco-friendly ones.

The benefits could be tremendous, right? And the most important is that you are not adding more responsibilities to your to-do list. Buying cleaning products is a must and has to be done on a regular basis. You just have to choose different ones, the green ones, and you’ve done the job! It cannot be easier!

Basically, there are countless ways to make your hotel more eco-friendly. Now you know that the ways of going green do not always have to be complex, time consuming or expensive. Sometimes all you need are small, simple and easy changes to achieve your goal.

However, if you think of making a bit more serious investment, we are here to help you! Choosing our Intensive Biological Treatment will do wonders both for your business and the environment!

Your hotel’s washrooms will be spotless and sanitised. You get the best possible result with using 100% environmentally-friendly system. It does not just sound amazing, it really is!

To find out more about it and to get the best possible offer, call Alsco now! Our friendly representatives are there for all your questions and will happily find the most suitable solution for your needs!

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