Disregarding the fact whether you work in the office, a factory or a workshop of any kind, if you spend almost all your working day in a sitting or standing position, we have some bad news for you – it is pretty dangerous!

It is widely believed that only factory and workshop workers are those whose health condition is jeopardised. Yet, the reality is completely the opposite. You do not need to keep a first aid kit near you just if you work in or run a workshop!

No! Accidents and sudden health issues can happen in any office or a workplace! Any time! Even if you are just sitting while doing your job. Actually, sitting in the office all day has numerous harmful effects on your health. And no, we are not talking only about back pain here. Some scientists even consider that spending all day sitting at the office desk is worse for the health condition than smoking. Interesting, right?

Now, you definitely want to have as healthy and safe working place as possible, don’t you? And healthy and fit employees also,right? Let’s then take a look at the most common health issues and the best ways to deal with them.

What Are the Consequences?

Now, you may be a bit surprised with the information mentioned above, and it is completely fine. Actually, the vast majority of people is surprised with this fact. However, it is exactly that – a FACT! Here are some of the most common health issues individuals who sit all day usually suffer from.

Constant Back and Neck Pain

Let’s start with the most common and most famous one. When you work at a desk all day, your body movements are pretty much limited. You answer the phone, type and look at the computer, write and occasionally get up to take a toilet or coffee break.

Man stretching due to back and neck pain

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Those limited body movements, together with the added pressure to the spine due to the prolonged sitting, cause the pain in the neck, shoulders and back. If you do not deal with this problem on a regular basis and on time, it can become a chronic condition.

Gaining Weight

In this case, a limited number of body movements also has to be mentioned. When your body spends much time in just one position, in this case, a sitting one, it becomes slow and heavy. Also, in this position your abdominal muscles are unused completely. Your hips become tight since they are rarely extended. Finally, your gluteus is getting weaker and weaker.

On top of that, sitting for long hours means that you are not burning any calories and that your digestion becomes slower. Due to all these reasons, gaining weight has become a common notion among people who spend all their working day sitting.

Your Organs Get Damaged

Here is a way more serious problem which may occur. It is already mentioned that in case of sitting for long hours your body burns less fat and your blood flows through your body much slower. These two things lead to allowing fatty acids to clog your heart.

Also, due to the lack of body movements, your pancreas works much harder in order to digest the food you ate. This can lead to pancreas’ overproducing insulin. That again leads to diabetes and some even more serious illnesses. So, if a chronic back pain did not do anything to make you move, this definitely will.

What to Do to Stop These from Happening?

Although the first part of the article could be a bit scary, you really should not worry at all. Luckily, there are many small tips you can use, and you will significantly reduce the risk of getting any of the mentioned medical conditions.

It is important to mention that it is not necessary to implement all the tips at once. Start with two which you find the easiest and then apply another two every week. In that way, you will not feel stressed about changing your routines.

So, here are some extremely helpful and easy tips for staying healthy despite sitting for long hours:

Stretch first thing in the morning

You do not need more than 5 minutes for this activity, and it will do miracles for your body. Also, you will not feel sleepy after this.

Morning routine stretching

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Don’t skip breakfast

The food you eat throughout the day is very important. However, the first thing you eat after sleeping all night is crucial for normal body functioning. Eat food rich in proteins and fibre.

Move during breaks

The best option would be to spend 50 minutes working and then have a break for 10 minutes. It is extremely important at least to stand up and go to get a glass of water during each of those breaks. Move!

Avoid sitting as much as you can

Usually, people spend 1-2 hours on their lunch break, where, surprisingly, they sit again! Do not do this. Of course that you should sit while you are having your meal, but it is not necessary to spend more time sitting than you actually need. Use your break for at least 10-15 minutes of walking and 5-10 minutes meditating. These activities will help you clear your mind and accumulate new energy which your body needs.

Keep fit

This is extremely important and not just because you will look good. You will feel good, and your body will be healthier. If you are really busy and you do not have two or three hours to spend in a gym several times a week, here’s some great news – you DON’T HAVE TO! All you need is to spend at least 15 minutes working out, and what is even greater, you can do it in your office! Here are some suggestions!

Do you see how it is really nothing scary? Now, after reading this article, you do not have any more excuses! You have to try some of these tips, especially those related to the office workout. Anyone can do it, anytime! You need just several minutes! Just try, and you will see how the quality of your life and your health condition improves!

However, accidents still do happen. In some emergency situations, when a colleague suddenly feels very bad, or has had an accident at work, for example, it is smart to have a good First Aid Kit near you!

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