First off: Everyone loves a fresh and clean washroom. Remember cleanliness is next to godliness. Therefore office washroom hygiene is a very important factor to consider.

And you know what? If not properly cleaned, these washrooms will be a nuisance and hazardous to your employee’s health.

For example: In the workplace, unclean toilets can affect productivity through reduced employee morale and frequent sick offs.

On the contrary, clean and well-equipped washrooms will help workers to practice personal hygiene. While at it, ensure that they have sufficient running water, toilet paper, hand soaps and drying equipment.

Therefore, washrooms should be frequently cleaned with good quality cleaning products.

And guess what, there are a whole lot more benefits for keeping your office washroom pleasantly clean.

Let’s check them out…

1. No Germs, No Bacteria

Every office needs sanitized washrooms to keep away harmful germs and bacteria. Bacteria cause all forms of health problems. And the most obvious place they reside in is the washroom. But consider this: Will everyday cleaning really keep the germs away? Not entirely.

The trick is to regularly perform urinal and water closet deep cleaning for spotless like-new urinals and WC.

Furthermore, performing intensive biological treatments for your washrooms will eliminate nasty germs, dirt and odours.

Have a look at the benefits of these thorough processes;

See the difference?

2. A Healthy Work Environment

A properly cleaned office toilet, preferably after every 2-3 hours, assures you of a fresh smelling toilet.

Nasty smells are more likely than not to make your employees keep away from the washrooms. And as a result, they might get disease complications due to an improper bowel movement.

Even their overall morale and approach to work goes down. And you wouldn’t want that, right?

Who doesn’t love a clean and spotless toilet with a fresh scent?

Use the revolutionary oxygen air freshener to eliminate odours. Actually, the released fragrance molecules will diffuse into the air in the room and completely push out the competing odours.

Clean meeting room with fresh plants

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3. An Excellent Marketing Tool

When it comes to business, the customer is king. Period.

Obviously, the restroom says a lot about your business. If well kept, it projects a desirable image to your clients.

Therefore, attract and entice your customers with a sparkling nice smelling toilet for a pleasant experience. Leave a positive long lasting impression. You can’t afford to have it any other way.

4. Improved Employee Health

A clean toilet lessens attacks from disease-causing germs. Strive to maintain high standards of toilet hygiene to avert lowered production time, as your employees will take sick leaves to heal from the disease.

The team discussing work progress

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5. No Havoc of Dirt

Filthy toilets will definitely mess up office employees because flying dust and germs will contaminate their body.

Consequently, they will be susceptible to headaches, skin ailments and respiratory problems.

Moreover, they will experience less energy working levels and almost zero motivation to work.

Excellent cleaning habits will certainly stop this havoc.

6. Satisfied Clients

In the daily running of your business, you deal with a lot of people. Besides your customers, there are dealers, commerce associates and even potential workers among many others.

Can you really afford to let them have a nasty toilet experience? And spread the word that your workplace washrooms are filthy?

Ensure that you have the best cleaning strategies for a hygienic toilet all day long.

You can even consider premium customized washroom service for complete peace of mind.

7. No Time Wastage

Fresh toilets make your members of staff happy and productive.

On the contrary, with filthy washrooms, office workers will be reluctant to use them. Some may even opt to travel a distance in search of cleaner options.

Moreover, gossips will be rife as they hold lengthy discussions about how their office restrooms are contaminated and not at all pleasant to use. All this will take up valuable time that could have been spent on work.

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8. Improved Air quality

Properly cleaned washrooms won’t stink up your office, instead, they will be pleasant to use.

It’s wise to put useful reminders of basic toilet etiquette to avoid embarrassments.

For example: If you smell the stink, open the washroom windows, close the lid and flush the toilet to get rid of the smell.

Check out these downloadable toilet cubicle posters with catchy hygiene messages for users.

9. Legal Obligations

The government requires that you provide a suitable work environment and facilities. And that definitely includes the restrooms.

10. Prolonged Lifespan of Furnitures and Fixtures

Regular toilet cleaning increases the lifespan of your assets such as tile surfaces, floors and carpets.

11. Prevents Injury

Prevent slip-ups and any other nasty accidents that may be caused by unclean and cluttered surfaces by always keeping your restrooms clean, neat and dry.

How to Maintain a Clean Office Washroom

After making concerted efforts to ensure that your washroom is clean, maintaining it is even more crucial. Otherwise, your efforts will be futile. And that’s not good.

Here are a few tips to share with your staff to help maintain hygienic washrooms.

Proper hand washing

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  • Always keep the toilet bowl clean by flushing the toilet after use
  • Always wash dry the toilet seat using toilet paper
  • Never flush in plastic items. They will choke the drain pipes plus it is unethical.
  • Proper hand drying after washing to keep hands dry and free of any bacteria.
  • Place the lid down when flushing to prevent plume – the invisible spray of water that is often bacterially loaded.
  • Avoid touching anything and everything, from toilet soap and towel dispensers to door handles.

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