Thanks to everyone

Thank you to everyone who donated items for this wonderful facility.

Donations Big and Small

Over the past three months Alsco Thailand have had boxes in the branch asking anyone to donate anything they like for the Phyathai Babies’ Home, no matter how small or how big, new or used.

It was overwhelming to see the number of items generously donated by everyone in the branch, including nappies, baby powder, toys, books, pencils, snacks, shoes, and clothing. You name it, we have a mix of everything.

The day came for a few of us to take the donations and visit the children. We ventured to the outskirts of Bangkok where the Phyathai Babies’ Home is located, here we were given a presentation about the home and taken on a tour of the facility.

A Long History of Providing Care

The Phyathai Babies’ Home was established in 1953 and houses babies from newborn up to six years old. At the age of six if they have not been adopted or returned to their families the children are moved to a different home.

The 300 children currently living at the home have been taken there for a number of reasons. Some were abandoned and found in boxes, others had parents on drugs, many came from poverty and several were abused or given insufficient care. Others were there because the parents have been unable to cope with difficulties in their life.

Lots of the babies are born from teenage girls who simply cannot look after their baby and are taken to the home straight from the hospital.

Wonderful Onsite Care 24 Hours a Day

At the Phyathai Babies’ Home, the children are looked after very well. They have doctors, nurses and ambulance on site 24 hours a day. All the babies are vaccinated and are encouraged to exercise daily, they are disciplined and taught manners and learn how to clean up after themselves from the age of three.

The home ensures that all children they look after are educated until they are 18 years of age but as they said, no matter how well they are looked after, you can’t compare this to being brought up happily with your family.

It was a truly heart touching day, and everyone here at the branch is committed to supporting the Phaythai Babies’ Home with our donations again next year.

We are determined not to throw anything out. Each time we think about throwing something away we will think of what we have seen and what a difference it could make to the lives of these children. Every little bit counts, as there are lots of children in need.

Brenda Scerri
Alsco Thailand