11 Eye-Catching Sight-Saving Eyewash Posters for a Safer Workplace

Every business owner keeps a watchful eye on their workers, but it’s pivotal to be highly attentive to their eye care as well. Eye injuries at work affect an estimated 125,000 Australians every year. 60 percent of those are avoidable accidents and around 90 percent are preventable.

When talking about eye care, you won’t get away with having first aid kits at hand. Nor will you evade hefty fines for eye injury compensation claims if you don’t have proper safety equipment. What you need is eyewash stations placed at strategic locations at your workplace.

If you haven’t acquired some already, you know what they say, it’s better late than never! Make sure you’re using clearly visible posters that will point to the nearest eyewash station. With eye injuries, time is of the essence! Such accidents can often lead to irreparable sight damage. So it’s best to act quickly!

Our straightforward eyewash station posters and signs can play an important role in ensuring the injured person finds the station fast. Get eyewash station posters for free and print them out for a safer and more compliant workplace.

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1. Get Home With Both Eyes. Use Your Goggles!

There are strict OSHA rules regarding the use of protective eyewear such as safety goggles. They are a safety requirement when handling dangerous machinery or harmful corrosives.

Construction and industrial workers are especially susceptible to eye hazards. All sorts of flying debris, from sawdust and paint chips to concrete particles can seriously injure the eyes. Many other workplaces face flying particles, liquid or infrared radiation hazards.

So use this bold and slightly unsettling poster to warn your workers to protect the irreplaceable gift of sight.

2. Wear Eye Protection Before It’s Too Late

Following the rules of eye protection is vital for those who work with chemical and biohazards. Toxic chemicals and gases can enter the eye in a matter of seconds and cause substantial damage.

If you don’t want your employees to have bitter regrets of this kind, get this action-inspiring eye protection poster. With matters such as these, there’s no need for sugarcoating. What it takes is blunt honesty to exert the best effect.

3. Zoom Out From Your Computer Screen Every 20 Minutes

Computer screens are notorious for causing eye strain and discomfort. People who spend long hours in front of the screen should remember to give their eyes a break every 20 minutes for trifling 20 seconds. Not that demanding?

Best tactic is to make a pledge to yourself to guard your precious eyesight.

Display this reminder poster to jog your employees’ memory to follow this practice and keep their eyes safe.

4. Put The Signs Up For Everyone To See

Say a toxic liquid splashed into your co-worker’s eye! What’s critical to saving the situation in emergencies like these? Taking the fastest route to the nearest eyewash station!

Your prompt reaction, plus the immediate accessibility of the eyewash station is what makes the difference between an irreparable eye damage and all’s well that ends well scenario.

Eyewash station signs play an important role in this joint undertaking. Put them up next to your eyewash stations to make them visible and usable!

5. Make It Short and Simple

When a foreign body hits your employee’s eye you need an immediate response! This sign will enable even untrained individuals to help out. At least by pointing to the station that’s within reach.

6. Keep Area Clear

Make sure your eyewash signs are displayed in prominent places so they stay visible at all times.

And double-check your employees have an unobstructed path to the eyewash station. Get this sign to prompt everybody to ensure the area stays clear.

7. Ensure Your Multilevel Work Areas Are Safe

This sign is ideal for confined multilevel work areas where the staircase is the only way to enter or exit.

The prominent green downward arrow enables fast access to emergency eye flushing equipment. Get it now to make even the most remote areas safe.

8. Cover All the Critical Locations

You never know where an eye injury can occur! So the wisest thing to do is to cover different locations and departments.

This location sign was made with this purpose in mind. And it comes with a blank space to write up the exact location of the designated eyewash station area. Use them to make sure all critical locations are provided for.

Alsco’s Eyewash Stations are super convenient as you can install them anywhere in your workplace. They’re ideal for workshops, labs and kitchens due to their easy-to-install feature.

9. Double Up Supplies in Areas of Increased Traffic

Display this poster between two separate eyewash stations in areas with increased traffic to accommodate larger staff numbers.

10. Keep Them Refilled

With safety eyewash equipment it’s critical to keep supplies stocked up. You don’t want to have a supply shortage when trouble’s at hand!

For ultimate safety, your workers need to have eyewash solution refilled at all times. Use this sign with Alsco’s contact number for a long-term piece of mind.

11. Respond Quickly To Emergencies

If a staff member sustained a serious eye injury, it’s vital to have an emergency phone number available.

Get this sign to help your staff immediately contact trained professionals to tend to the injured.

Develop An Eye For Good Business Opportunities

Providing eye flushing equipment is critical for keeping your employees healthy at work. Eyewash station posters and signs will point to the nearest station for maximum protection.

Turning a blind eye to non-existent or inadequate eyewash equipment at your workplace could lead to someone’s blindness and bring massive compensation claim costs.

With Alsco’s portable eyewash stations you can avoid all of this. Plus you won’t have to worry about eyewash-related regulatory compliance issues. They are suitable for small businesses that are too cramped to fit plumbed eyewash stations.

Eyewash Stations
Easy to use, even without help from others. Contains sterile saline solution.
Learn how to get yours…

First Aid Kits
Compliant with all Australian laws and regulations. Regularly stocked and updated.
Find out how to rent them…

Be prepared to save lives with this portable, easy to use AED Defibrillator in your workplace.
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