Truth be told, there can be some reluctance toward offering training programs at work. Additionally, they require time and money, so some companies avoid organising such events in their workplace.

Business owners may think that they will only lose their budget and that their employees won’t see it as a workplace perk, but as just another task.

That certainly is a risk, but will only happen if you don’t ask your employees about the type of training they want. You will be surprised how much people are eager to learn, if they feel the new skills will help them with their careers.

Professional development means better chances for promotions, pay raises and improved career. That is why offering training to your employees will also boost their loyalty, satisfaction and productivity. If you are wondering where to start, here are the five training programs that you should offer to your employees.

Managed First Aid Training

While there are many interesting types of training out there, both general and specific for your company, you should start with the basics. The basic requirement of every company is workplace safety.

That is why you should definitely offer managed first aid training to your employees. There are even legal requirements for First Aid that say companies should have a certain number of First Aiders on site.

Managed First Aid Training from Alsco Australia is a very good idea for several reasons. You can be rest assured that the training you receive will be valid, up to date and certified. Moreover, Alsco trainers will tailor the course according to your company needs. We will:

  • Recommend the number of trained first aiders you need.
  • Train any additional staff you may need trained.
  • Customise the training so that it matches your specific workplace.
  • Ensure your first aiders stay up to date with every relevant legal change.

This is not a skill that is just important for the workplace. It is also something that can be used in your employees private lives. Let them know what learning first aid also means for them and their families and also their coworkers.

Specific Technical Skills Training

This is going to be quite different depending on the industry of your business. Technical skills training will not be the same for a dentist’s office and an automotive shop.

For example, a dentist’s office may offer training in using new technology to install dental implants in their patients. On the other hand, automotive shop owners may introduce new technology for car cleaning or training for using new devices.

Different office based workplaces might offer training in social media marketing, copywriting and similar courses that will assist in career advancement.

Project Management Training

Management positions are usually short term or long term plans of all employees. If that is to happen, those employees need to know how to project manage.

This can be the first step towards their desired direction. Giving your employees the opportunity to attend project management courses will encourage them to stay in the company that cares for their future and career.

Problem-Solving Skills Training

Isn’t problem solving something most people think they can do? You will find a great deal of people who claim that they can solve their own problems, as well as the company’s issues. However, if that were true, there wouldn’t be any problems left to solve.

Problem solving skills are considered to be one of the most important soft skills. These skills are not technical in nature. Soft skills are communication skills, time management, emotional intelligence, problem solving, etc.

When you think about it, working actually consists of problem solving on a daily basis. Becoming better at problem solving means becoming better at your job. It is all about identifying the problem, coming up with alternative ways to solve it and picking the best possible solution.

Sounds easy enough, right? Sometimes it is, but sometimes this process is extremely stressful and difficult. Improving your problem solving skills will reduce work related stress and makes your workplace a much more pleasant place to be.

Presentation Skills Training

Once your employees have been trained on how to solve problems, manage projects and learn new skills, they will soon start coming up with fresh ideas. However, ideas are nothing if they’re not presented in the right way. That, again, is one more skill that should be mastered.

That is why presentation skills are necessary for any striving employee. These skills are rarely taught in school and standing in front of a group of people and “selling an idea” is not something that comes naturally to everyone. It is a skill to be learned and that is precisely why you should offer such training to your employees.

However, you should start with basic managed first aid training and go from there. Alsco Australia will help you with first aid training, as well as your first aid supplies.

We have a lot of experience with marrying the specifics of each workplace with legal first aid requirements in Australia. Call Alsco Australia and get the best possible quote for your business.