As restrictions are easing around the country, the time has come for businesses to start preparing and thinking about how to get their staff back into work. With social distancing measures still in full force and the cold season on it’s way, what can staff members do to keep themselves protected and healthy while returning to work?

Mental Health and Wellbeing

With the uncertainty of the future, some individuals may feel anxious about returning to work. We don’t know what the future holds for us and our work, which can trigger unnecessary worrying and for some lead to physical symptoms. Getting back out into society may trigger panic attacks or revive past conditions such as obsessive compulsive disorders. For those experiencing anxiety, giving up control may help. However this is easier said than done. With constant news bombarding us on every new statistic about the pandemic, the worry keeps increasing that if they go out they may get infected. While there is an element of risk, washing hands for the recommended amount of time and frequency and wearing a mask are a great start. It is important to keep social distancing practices in mind when you are out in public in order to give yourself the best protection you can. 

Public Transport

As workers start preparing to go back into work, the use of public transport increases. Some restrictions are being placed on the number of individuals allowed on buses, trains and ferries, but if possible public transport should be avoided. For those that have no other option, maintaining social distancing while using public transport and staying home if unwell is highly recommended. Avoid crowded lifts and escalators and consider checking the capacity of your service on an app or live tracker before boarding to ensure social distancing is able to be maintained. 

Shared Workspaces

For some offices, shared desks or ‘hot’ desks are common. The practise of changing desks daily used to be exciting and fun, however with recent events employees should remain at one desk and ‘claim’ their space. The flow between collaboration spaces, meeting rooms and kitchens should be managed, ensuring only a limited number of individuals are using it at one time. 

Effective communication between staff, employees and customers are essential in these times. Employers should be empathetic when considering employee safety, mental and physical wellbeing and managing staff engagement. At Alsco, we’ve been providing hygienic and sanitised professional textile rental services throughout Australia since 1963. Get in touch with us today, to see how we can help your business remain clean and hygienic during these times!