Washing laundry the correct way is crucial when working in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. But what is the correct way? Is it colour sorting? Is it washing contaminated items separately to uncontaminated clothing? 

It is commonly known that microorganisms can survive on inanimate objects and surfaces for extended periods of time. These surfaces and objects then play host to growing bacteria before an unbeknownst individual walks past and comes into contact with the bacteria themselves.

A study conducted by the Infectious Disease Research Group by De Montfort University, studied contamination levels on nurses uniforms when they took it home to launder themselves. Contaminated uniforms that were washed with sterile items at 40 degrees were found to have a small amount of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria on them and also contaminated the other sterile items in the wash. 

Out of the four hospitals investigated, there were discrepancies between the organisation’s recommendations on temperature of the wash cycle, large variations between the instructions regarding use of detergents, the process of drying the uniforms and washing contaminated uniforms with other items. 

It was found that 26% of staff also wore their uniforms for an average of two shifts before washing it, increasing possible contamination between shifts. It is recommended that uniforms are washed after every shift. The study concluded that trusting employees to wash uniforms correctly was impossible to monitor, as staff may not always follow correct procedures when laundering. 

A few key factors for washing uniforms at home include, washing uniforms immediately after each shift for a minimum of 10 minutes at 60 degrees. Uniforms should also be stored separately from other clothing, regardless if the uniform is cleaned. A laundry detergent should also always be used.

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