An eye injury can be described as any physical or chemical wound to the eye or eye socket. Eye injuries cost Australia around $60 million per year, with male workers aged between 25 – 44 years being most at risk of workplace related eye injuries.

Although we’re surrounded by toxic chemicals and agents in our daily lives, dangerous levels of exposure usually occur in workplaces. In Australia, 60% of eye injuries occur in the construction, mining, agriculture, forestry and fishing industries.

Having access to an easily accessible eye wash station is crucial. It should ideally be located within a 10-second walk from the chemical incident. Immediate flushing of the eye is the most effective way to remove harmful substances and prevent further damage to the eye. 

Common Workplace Eye Injuries 

  • Chemical Eye Burns – chemicals (either acidic or highly alkaline) are highly toxic and can cause chemical burns to the eye
  • Foreign Body Invasion – foreign particles can cause irritation and inflammation to the eye
  • Blunt Trauma Injury – injuries to the eye which do not penetrate the eye, however can cause internal bleeding
  • Conjunctivitis From Allergens – common amongst workers in the food industry who have been regularly exposed to large varieties of fruits and vegetables

What is an Eye Wash Station?

A station where an affected user can drench out their eye when dust, chemicals or irritants enter the eye. Eye wash stations are useful as a first defence for eye injuries, but all accidents should be investigated further to avoid long term damage.

Advantages of having an eye wash station

  • Protect staff from further injury – having an eye wash station can flush out unwanted particles and protect the eyes from permanent damage
  • Reduce workplace compensation premiums. Decrease the likelihood of your staff claiming workplace compensation from accidents at work. 
  • Providing a safe environment for your staff. A safe workplace is a happy workplace. When employees feel safe, productivity levels increase, absenteeism decreases and overall company morale is increased. 

Alsco’s Eye Wash Station features:

  • Simple, easy to understand instructions on how to use the station
  • Easily visible, wall mounted cabinets that are easy to use in times of emergency
  • Due to its small size, easily installed in cramped spaces, designed to not take up much room
  • An easy no-mess flush system means that liquid is neither spilled or wasted when being applied to the subject
  • Each station comes with 2 x 500ml saline flushing solutions and a small mirror for self-assessment

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