Cardiac arrests can happen anywhere – and if it’s not treated quickly, it can lead to death. It’s the number 1 killer in Australia. Every year, around 250,000 individuals suffer a cardiac arrest outside of hospital of which there is only a 10% survival rate. For every minute that passes after cardiac arrest occurs, without effective CPR and an Automated External Defibrillator, the chance of survival decreases by 10%. 

That’s why Defibrillators are incredibly important to have around the workplace. Even more importantly, the WH&S Legislation recommends that all workplaces should install an automated external defibrillator (AED) on-site. This will ensure that your workplace is properly equipped to deal with any sudden cardiac arrests, heart problems or loss of consciousness experienced by your employees. Keep reading to find out more about why having a defibrillator in the workplace is absolutely crucial!

Boost the Chances of Survival 

Defibrillators are important because they substantially increase the patient’s chance of survival. In fact, when a person suffers from sudden cardiac arrest, their chance of survival decreases by 7-10% for each minute that passes without defibrillation! Additionally, when deployed within 3 minutes, defibrillators can enhance a person’s survival rate by a cardiac arrest from 6% to 74% if the casualty is in a shockable rhythm. There’s no doubt that AEDs can deliver a life-saving electric shock, which often means the difference between life or death. 

Respond to Emergencies Quickly 

Workplaces should provide defibrillators to reduce the risks of fatality from cardiac arrest and quickly handle any emergencies. While CPR can prolong life, defibrillation is the only way to actually restore a fatal heart rhythm back to normal. According to Safe Work Australia, any workplace which potentially exposes their staff to electrocution should consider investing in an AED to minimise these dangers. Even more, sometimes ambulances and paramedics can arrive late to the workplace – so by having an AED, and training your workers how to use them properly, your workplace will be adequately prepared in dealing with unexpected situations.

Promote a Safe Workplace 

Every business in any kind of industry should be actively promoting a safe workplace. This will ensure that your employees’ health and wellbeing is constantly maintained, while also conveying a supportive workplace that values reassurance and security – this will then facilitate better worker satisfaction and stronger productivity. There’s nothing more important than emphasising your staff’s protection and promoting a safe work culture by installing an AED in your workplace – especially in areas where it is clearly visible, accessible and not exposed to extreme temperatures. 

Why Choose Alsco’s Defibrillators? 

Alsco’s portable defibrillators (AEDs) are practical, durable and lightweight (just over 1kg only!) to minimise any workplace hazards and injuries. They also have simple press-button technology and step-by-step voice instructions, which make it suitable for both professionally trained medics and even untrained staff. 

Our HeartSine Samaritan 500P is an incredible defibrillator which contains easy to follow visual and voice prompts, including any necessary changes to CPR or shock delivery, along with a two-button operation that simplifies the whole defibrillation process. Check some other awesome features listed below: 

  • A System Status Indicator notifies you when the entire system is ready for use, while having its own weekly self-check for safety and operation purposes
  • The advanced technology of the HeartSine 500P features SCOPE™ and cardiac arrhythmia detection technology, allowing the most effective shock delivery for the patient to be delivered safely and quickly
  • It’s very durable due to its shock, dust and moisture resistance, meaning that it is incredibly resilient and versatile for even the most dangerous workplaces

Within 5 minutes into a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, the chance of survival decreases by 50%, so why hesitate when having a defibrillator is clearly a must in ANY workplace? When your business chooses Alsco’s managed defibrillator service, you can be rest assured that your staff will receive the best treatment during a cardiac emergency. Every minute matters because every life matters.