At Alsco, sustainability is our guiding principle. We recognise that becoming a sustainable business is about connecting with our people, our planet, and our community. 

It’s about looking after those less fortunate, sourcing products ethically, minimising waste, caring for our customers and employees, and just generally doing good work and doing the right thing.

We have created 4 Big Bold, meaningful goals to reach by 2030.

We’re committed to working with our customers, our employees, our suppliers, and the community to create positive change and build a sustainable future. We have appointed sustainability committees on a national and local level to ensure the business remains focused on goals.

A crucial component of becoming a sustainably successful business is the commitment to environmental management and sustainability. This involves working on reducing our energy consumption, using water more efficiently and managing waste better.

Our first major initiative on our sustainability journey was finding national partners that support our vision of reducing waste, and positively contribution to the world view of the circular economy.

So we started the conversation with BlockTexx. BlockTexx is a clean technology company that recovers polyester and cellulose from textiles and clothing. They divert textiles and clothing away from landfill and accelerate the global textile recycling industry towards a sustainable future. BlockTexx turns textile waste into a resource, stimulates the production of new products and meets consumers demand for new to reduce our environmental impact of everyday clothing. Alsco sends all end-of-life linen to BlockTexx for recycling and re-use, if not donated to other community partners. Learn more about our big bold goals, and our partnership with Blocktexx:

Alsco will continue to work with our customers, our employees, our suppliers, and the community, to create positive change and build a sustainable future. 

Stay for more news on the Sustainability initiatives being undertaken at Alsco Australia.